Feb. 14th, 2010 10:33 am
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Or, at least, that's what I'm giving the title of this little photo:

Dumped - A Lonely Heart in Asagaya

I found it in the corner of a bar in Asagaya, and as I was trying to waste film on my poor broken SLR I took a snap.

There a great bit in SPN when two people on a date get all snoggy and horny and start eating each other.  In fact, they eat each other to death.  I thought that was quite brilliant.  I'd post the video, but the buggers on Youtube took it down.
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I made a shiny icon.  I screen-capped it, and then fiddled about in Photoshop with it,  I love it was handsome men smash cars up.

Any comments, suggestions?


Further to Kate's demand, here are two more.


As if I didn't have enough ways to procrastinate already...
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There are more men on my balcony this morning.  Fortunately, it looks like they're here to take down the scaffolding which has surrounded my building for the past six weeks or so.  I wish they'd clear off though.  I want to open my curtains.

Well, having finished Season 2 of Supernatural I'm now at a complete loss for what to do with myself.  The plan to get the 3 season boxset was cruelly withheld by a quite shockingly expensive trip to the see the doctor.  I can only be thankful that there's a small reprieve from bellydance payments this month.  I didn't have to break into the emergency fund yet.

On other subjects, coz all I ever do is moan about money, I've been reading Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore".  So far it has to be my favourite of his books.  Firstly, the two main characters are actually highly sympathetic (and one of them can even talk to cats, which goes a long way towards endearing me to him), and so far no one's wife has left him... unless you count Kafka's mother disappearing when he was kid, which is effectively the same thing.  Kafka reminds me a lot of Eiji Miyake in "number9dream" - probably because they're both on quests of a kind, one to find his father, the other to get away from him.  I haven't combined this book with too much alcohol yet, so I haven't been able to test the "alocohol and Murakami don't mix" theory. Projected finishing time is Thursday, which ties in quite nicely with a trip to the Landmark Tower where I can pick up some more books. 

I suppose I should get dressed and go to work.  i wonder what levels of senility I will be dealing with today - it varies from week to week.  Sometimes we don't know what the day is, sometimes we can remember everything from a lesson taught 6 months ago.  I hope the sunshine is warming up those braincells right now.

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As I write two men are on my balcony, heavy-breathing and wielding power-drills.  This would be something horror-like if I weren't sitting here lazily eating rice and miso soup and wondering what I'm going to do about getting hold of the third season of Supernatural.  There's a 3 season box set going on Amazon for £27, which with shipping will be closer to £40.  Hmmm... I'd download it, but I've got 6Gb on my hardrive and the whole series is 5Gb or so.  This dilemma has arisen because I indulged myself last night by watching the last three episodes of Season 2.  I started off with the Djinn episode, and then thought I 'd watch Part 1 of "All Hell Breaks Loose", and well, I couldn't leave it hanging like that, could I?  So, I might treat myself...though I should probably buy more shampoo, and perhaps some food, before I do that.

I didn't get round to getting any food shopping done this week, though it has turned out rather well, as my stockpiling habit is paying off.  It's quite impressive what can actually be achieved with some two-week old tomatos, a carrot, some spinach and a pot of tomato sauce I wisely froze that last time I made a batch.  I now have sag aloo sauce for the weekend (if I remember to buy potatos), kidney bean chilli for today and Saturday, and a pot of carrot salad.  Yay.  And I also have 3000yen, which I haven't spent yet.   Hurrah.

The men are dropping things and muttering "Are?" to themselves.

So, onto the ghosts thing.  In the last week or so I've had three very vivid ghost dreamsReally vivid.  Last night, needless to say, I also had a ghost dream in which I was in a house with the ghost of a child who later became a serial killer in adult life.  Is it even possible in ghost-lore for your soul to revert back to childhood?  We we walking about the house, and then dug up the bones of various animals this little girl had been killing for years.  I blame the stupid amount of horror I've been imbibing lately:  Supernatural in inhuman quantities, stories by Joe Hill, My Bloody Valentine 3D.

I should actually mention the latter, purely for comedy value.  Kate and I went to see MBV in 3D in Ikebukuro.  We got weird 3D glasses and popcorn and settled down to watch the film.  Only, as soon as it started we realised it was dubbed in Japanese... At first I was a little disappointed, but actually I probably managed to work out about 50% of what was being said.  Of course, being so well-versed in horror films means you can pretty much lip-synch the dialogue, or infer what's going on anyway, so I'm not crediting my Japanese skills for this one.  Anyway, it was all a bit silly and predictable, but thoroughly enjoyable.  Perhaps I'm a little odd for finding it funny when someone's eye is leaning out over the audience on the end of a pickaxe...

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I am stupidly stupidly stupidly addicted to Supernatural.  I will have to stop myself watching it, just so that I don't finish the whole of Season 2 in one week.  And look, I even have an icon. 

My attempt to got to bed early last night failed when I got a story image in my head and then other things kept coming out of my head after it, and it all turned into a story outline, with a Murakami-esqe main character (for which read pathetic male) who I may actually want to stamp on repeatedly, or chuck down a well.  In fact, I might do that...  So all I have to do now is write it, but I'm still meant to be working on an SF story I promised a student, but which I haven't figured out entirely yet.

This must be the first writing post I've made in a while.  It always goes in fits and starts, it seems, and then I go off with one for a while, and then I get worn out.  The last one is still in pieces on top of my kotatsu at the moment - where I was using the Burroughs "cut-up" method to create a bit of excitement and confusion - mainly in myself.

On which note, I should tidy up the pigsty.

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Watched the first episode of "Dollhouse".  Thought it was a bit...meh.  Perhaps I was expecting too much, this being a Joss Whedon thing after all, but it gave me the impression of having two distinct parts which didn't really go together particulalrly well.[livejournal.com profile] hils mentioned that she disliked the fact that it has scantily clad female leads, which also bothered me.  Could Echo's dress have been much shorter?  It was almost like walking through Shibuya on a Suday afternoon, except slightly more decent.

Anyway, I'll give it a bit longer and see how it develops.

In the meantime, I've become addicted to Supernatural. The music is probably the best bit, and the sly references to Metallica.  I want to watch an episode right now, but I have to wait until I get home tonight!! 


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