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Blissed out

Let's go with the Blissed Out first.  Further to my musings on the VK scene and my little photographic forays into it, I actually go all fan-girly and excited (well, as fan-girly as I can ever possibly be) about getting to shoot Deathgaze at their gig in Shinjuku at the weekend.  You know, had I not got the chance to photograph them live, I would have paid for a ticket and forgone the photos anyway.  That's how much I like them.

The ed. and I arrived at 4.45pm and collected our press passes, before hanging out in the venue (Loft, Shinjuku).  I scoped the stage out but somehow completely ignored the photographers' run at the front of the stage.  It took one of the sound guys to point it out to me, and I was quite relieved as I did not fancy the prospect of fighting the moshing masses to get a good photo.

So, I crawled down the front and had a little chat with a photographer from Cure magazine while we waited.  It was actually due to case of lens envy that I got talking to her.  She had the lens I've been salivating over, but will never be able to afford - a 14-24mm Nikon wide-angle lens.  I felt rather inadequate, to be honest.  She had the wide angle, a cute little 50mm (by the look of things) and a zoom lens, all of which she alternated throughout the show.  I had my 35mm Nikkor prime lens, and my 44-200mm zoom, which at such close proximity was only good for trying to snap the drummer, who was sitting in the unlit depths of the stage most of the time.  It does take nice sharp photos, where the 35mm sometimes fails, so it's always good to take along, just in case.

Deathgaze took to the stage a little later than scheduled, Naoki and Kousuke taking to the stage first, before Takaki followed.  Ai appeared after a little pause and the band went slamming into the first number, which may have been "Crash Down", but I can't be certain owing to switching into photographer mode. I remember the third song being "Blood", as it's my favourite off the new album.  I'm currently trying to check the Deathgaze blog to find a set list, but nothing is loading up...nope, nothing on the blogs about set lists. 

I had a great time up in the bands faces taking photos and trying not to mosh too much myself.  They were full of energy and playing my favourite kind of music, so there was nought that could go wrong!  Apart from the lighting.  Which sucked.  Not for the band themselves - from the audience the set up was great, but for me down the front, there was far too much back-lighting and waaay too many red gels being used.  I don't seem to be able to figure out how to compensate for reddish-tones in photos.  Ai looks positively devilish in most of my shots...when you can actually make out his face, that is.   Both he and Takaki were playing up to the camera all night.  I was most pleased.

I had my boots off for the first half of the show, which made scurrying about much easier, but after ducking out half-way to get some crowd shots, kept my boots on and did the rest of the show squatting down and performing all manner of photographic acrobatics in 3-inch platforms.  My thigh muscles are still pretty sore and I seem to have almost pulled my toe nail off my big toe.  It doesn't hurt, but I can tell it's not right.  I dread taking off the nail varnish to see what the damage looks like.

The toe beating slowed me down somewhat, so I took a breather and sat on the floor of the the pit watching the show.  After two great encores the show finally ended.  I had a beer in the bar with music still going round in my head, and waited with the ed. to interview the band.  Sadly, while I was waiting, I realised that I didn't have enough money on me for a t-shirt, which saddened me, as I had wanted to get one.  No idea where to track one down in Tokyo. 

The details of the interview I cannot tell you, as firstly, you should read the interview when Rokkyuu publishes it, and secondly, I can't understand enough of what was said to give you anything meaningful, except that Kousuke said he liked animals.

To the right here, we have the lasciviously-tongued Ai posing for the camera.  The "blacklilly" on his leg is my internet name, which also doubles as my photography name.  So, no pinching without asking, ne.

I need to wrap this up as I have to go to bed soon, but the mention of photos and names brings me to theme number two.

Slightly Put Out

Basically, I've photographed a fair few bands now, and for the most part have had no issue.  However, twice last weekend I found bands uploading my photos onto Facebook having swiped them from mine.  I was credited, but I am a little uneasy about the idea of bands using my photos without letting me know.  The issue is not permission - of course they can use the images, I'm more than happy for them to do so.  However, I would like some warning so I don't look at their pages and wonder why that picture is so familiar.  I had a discussion with the singer of one of the bands last week and he got quite defensive about it all, saying that what goes on Facebook is fair game.  True, but common courtesy is nice to practise too.  So, I'm a little...annoyed/confused/ about it all.  I've actually considered not bothering anymore, but that would be a stupid response.

So, in the future all photos will be marked with my name and website (when I sort one out).  It perhaps seems a little overkill, but this is something I would like to make money doing, and I need to attempt some sort of professional behaviour.

Actually, I just realised that using that promo pic of Deathgaze is probably making me look like a hypocrite, but it's a promo photo which means someone was renumerated for it.  I wasn't.

Worn Out

Yes, I am worn out.  All I want to do is sleep, but when I get there I can't.  I am counting the days until I finish each of my jobs.  Sadly the one I want to get out of the most is still over a month away from finishing.  They were saying to me the other day that they want me to come back and work for them in July.  Which part of "I quit" is failing to register?  Very Japanese I suspect.
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I'm super-stoked because I got a shout-out on Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show on BBC Radio 6 in the UK.

I emailed the show a few weeks ago just to communicate my disappointment at the show being cancelled by the Beeb.  And they emailed me yesterday to say I got a shout out.  I'm currently about an hour in, but so far nothing.  But we'll see...

You can check the show out here:

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The week began rather well with a hastily arranged "date" with a guy I met on Mixi, who is ridiculously skinny, has great earrings, and quite lovely sideburns, a rare treat in Japanese men.  Oh yeah, and he's a guitarist in a rock band, so keeping with the theme there...  We hung out in Shibuya on Monday, conducting a quite challenging conversation about horror movies in Starbucks on the Shibuya station crossing.  It's difficult to talk about horror when you don't know the Japanese for words like possession, ghost, exorcism, psychic and slasher.  Then we had a beer in a 300yen bar I know and had 45 minutes of heavy metal geekery.  Then we went to karaoke for an hour to get out of the freezing cold.  I've always considered karaoke boxes to be the perfect place to hide out and snog for a hour, but that's just me apparently.  I've never been to karaoke on a "date", and I've never been to karaoke with anyone who can actually sing, so that was a double whammy of firsts.  When he started singing an Exile song and actually managed to hit the high notes I think my mouth hung open agog. 

When we came out of karaoke, the freezing temperature had brought some pretty heavy snow with it, so we raced down the street and ended up heading into the first warm looking entrance-way we found, which quite fortunately happened to be the entrance to The Lock-Up, a prison-themed izakaya restaurant I've been to before, where we were handcuffed together (not quite appropriate for a first date, ne) and marched to a dimly lit cell.  The restaurant plays heavy metal, has oddly named food and drink, and once an hour scares the crap out of it patrons when the staff don horror character outfits and run about in the dark slamming cell doors and glaring menacingly about.  It was quite a change from the thoroughly pleasant organic-vegan-macrobiotic izakaya I'd been to the day before.

We ended up in my favourite rock bar just down the road, where the cute staff always recognize me and start making devil horns gestures.  I think the night I staggered in with Satan and proceeded to play darts while chatting people up the week before Halloween left quite an impression.
(Me and Satan in a lift which looks like a doorway to hell,
but is actually the easiest way to find some heavy metal in Shibuya)

Anyway, it turned out, contrary to the website, that Monday night is not heavy metal night.  Instead I was subjected to Pulp and numerous other things NOT heavy metal.  There was even a Backstreet Boys video on the TV behind the bar, so we sat about and randomly insulted members of said boy band.   

So, it was a pretty good night, though I'm not sure it's gonna go anywhere, and my brain was frazzled after speaking Japanese for 5 hours.

On the way home the snow continued to fall in huge soggy chunks, so I had a excited Chelsey on the phone, who may have been padding about outside her apartment barefoot in the snow (she's from Texas and gets quite excited about cold weather and white stuff).  Or maybe I imagined that bit.  Here's a picture of the first and only snow of 2010 near my house:

(The snow's actually a bit rubbish isn't it?  It was gone the next morning.)

So, having awoken to the disappointment of not being snowed in and unable to go to work, I "jacked-in" to the web (to coin a Neuromancer term which daily seems more and more appropriate) to find the Australian branch of  the global behemoth that is  my English Language Korporation had gone bankrupt.  Cue much internal flailing and panic until I realized that  if I do become homeless when the Korporation  finally sinks beneath the waves, it will probably be a very very good thing.  More on that at a later date.  There are plans afoot... all of which involve money sadly.

So, off to work and a day of tense, whispered conversations about how to get out before the inevitable capsizing, whilst maintaining shiny happy faces for the paying customers.  Things were made even more tense when I returned home to find the results of my Japanese exam waiting in the postbox.  As I was pretty certain of having cocked the whole thing up I was more than a little gobsmacked upon opening the letter to find a big shiny "PASSED" printed on the paper.  I actually jumped up and down, spun around a bit, did a little dance and then phoned my mum in England, because there's no one easier to impress than your mum.  It averaged out at a 75% pass mark, which is very respectable.  Kanji and vocabulary were the strong points, followed by listening and then grammar and reading.  It must have been the reading section that pulled me through the third section, as I fail to believe that I actually have a competent grasp of Japanese grammar.  So on to the next exam, which requires a knowledge of 1000 kanji, 6000 words and more ridiculous grammar.  I think I should start now.

It was a good  week last week, so I shall endeavor to fill you in with more adventures later...

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It's been a long time since I posted a gig review.  Infact, it's been a really long time since I went to a gig.  It was a year and a half ago that I saw Rage Against the Machine at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, and I believe I was lacking in internet connection at that point.

Loud Park is the billed as the heaviest music festival in Japan, and if that weekend's line-up was anything to go by, it's not an unfounded claim.  Saturday's line-up included Anthrax, Megadeth, Arch Enemy and Judas Priest, whilst Sunday's bill was heavily laden with bands who regularly push 200bpm.

The first band on the main stage were Swedish band Dead by April, whose sound is comparable to the lyrical dichotomy and heavy-riffing of Lacuna Coil, with a liberal dosing of emotional content which seemed to appeal to much of the Japanese crowd.  Interestingly, I noted that their bass player, curiously unseen in much of the official video, has quite a lovely set of lungs on him and an endearingly forlorn look whilst singing.  A good start to the show.

Next up, introduced by Glenn Frey's 80s number "The Heat Is On", were another  Swedish band, H.E.A.T (you see what they did there?), whom I had never come across before.  Perhaps I would have been better if I had, as the appearance of pink and Heatblack spandex and worryingly tight trousers sent me into odd convulsions of all kinds of discomfort.  Who were these people, and why had I never heard of them before?  Surely I couldn't have missed an 80s band like that?  And surely their young singer couldn't have been alive when they first around? And is that a wig, or his real hair?  And then it dawned on me that yes, the hair was indeed real, and yes, this was a real band from the 21st Century sounding just like some 80s stadium metal act; and that yes, I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  Thank goodness I managed to work out those White Snake issues, else I may have gone to get beer instead.  What most impressed me was the hair. 

Following H.E.A.T. were Lazarus A.D. who brought the first really heavy stuff of the day to Loud Park with a good dosh of Thrash with nods to Metallica, Pantera and Slayer.  I was quite excited by the whole set, not only by the music which was pleasingly familiar yet original, but also, it turned out by the sight of men weilding instruments.  What was this curious feeling I was experiencing, watching these wonderfully maned and bearded men on stage?  No?  Could it be?  Could it be "lust"?  I was so taken aback I almost forgot to listen to them.  But anyway, enough about me and the deprivations of Japanese life...  Here's a video:

After a break for lunch and foot-resting, it was back into the frey with Napalm Death, who I last saw about 7 or 8 years ago at Fibbers in York.  I recall the ceiling being so low that people were smacking their heads on it whilst moshing.  From my memory of York, the stadium setting did wonders for their sound, though they still had as much energy and presence on a huge stage as they did on one the size of my bedroom.  Barney stirred all kinds of nostalgia with his Brummy "Right then...", and then the unintelligable song introduction.  Top moment: the one minute "It's a M.A.N.S world", whose introduction took longer than the actual song.

Straight on to Papa Roach, who I've neglected to take any interest in, as they were on sickeningly heavy rotation as a student as thus earned my derision.  To their credit their stage presence is pretty good, and they were clearly having  blast, as were the audience.  However, despite my dislike for their earlier stuff, I have to say that it has something about it which is lacking in their more recent efforts.

Hmm, then what... beer and foot break I believe, steeling ourselves for the rest of the evening.  Whilst getting beer, we were able to watch "Gotthard" on the Sanctuary Stage, who were quite clearly about in the 80s when H.E.A.T were not (well, OK I checked, 1992).  The end of their set had something of the Spinal Tap about it.  Having finished the set, the crowd began dispersing, but the the band continued to enjoy a group shoulder-patting to their hardcore element down the front.  I wondered whether they noticed, or even if they cared too much about it.  I probably would have.

BodomOn then to the final 3 bands of the day, beginning with Finnish Black Metal band Children of Bodom, who were represented by the widest fan base I've ever witnessed in one place.  Gangly teenage boys and cute girls in hot-pants; salary-men on a weekend heavy-metal bender, and middle-aged house wives -  all came brandishing their Bodom t-shirts and packed in for 45 minutes of excellent guitar widdling and dark gutteral screaming.  My only complaint would be that frontman Alexi's focus on soloing, somewhat detracted from the energy of the whole thing, which only allowed me to focus on the sheer amount of gobbing he was doing all over the stage.  I wonder if there's a designated phlegm wiper for gigs...

Of course, given the packed audience for Bodom, there was a curiously free spot over by the stage for Rob Zombie, enabling us to ferret our way up to the front of the barrier.  Zombie's stage setting involves a massive skull-patterned backdrop, with screen centre, amps decorated with various carnivalesque paraphenalia, and three podiums containing TV screens, all liberally doused with stage smoke. The set began with various snippets from the White Zombie sample catalogue before the band took to the stage, followed by Zombie dressed like some evil, cowboy-hat wielding carnival barker, taking to the podium to cry his wares to the audience, who cried right back at him.   The band played Rob Zombie numbers like "Superbeast", "Living Dead Girl", "Dragula" and "American Nightmare", interspersed with White Zombie's "More Human than Human" and "Thunder Kiss '65" and "Super Charger Heaven".  The band also played a couple of the less well-received Zombie numbers (House of a 1000 Corpses) providing a brief reprieve amongst the otherwise fast-paced set.  It took about 14 years for me to see Rob Zombie in the "flesh" and I was not disappointed. 

Last up were Slayer.  I'm sad to say that I was almost unable to stand up at this point and was dealing with a very angry knee, so much of the set is lost on me.  My favourites - Dead Skin Mask, Reign in Blood, Angel of Death - none of these I saw as I wimped out and took the train home! 

It was great to remember why I've loved heavy metal so much (goddamit, how did I forget?!), and why I have such a thing for bearded men.  A great day out, and a one I will definitely be repeating again next year!!

Next month OPETH!!!

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There appears so be some contention as to which day exactly is the worst day of the year - January 19th or 24th.  I think I can probably say that mine so far was a mixture of the 24th and 25th.  After a late night on Friday (a friend of mine is being transferred to Sapporo, so we gave him a send off until 2.30am at the local), and a Saturday which was full of its normal stress, I got home and fell into a very very bad mood.  I was in a bad mood when I went to bed and still in a bad mood when I woke up.  In fact, I didn't shift the bad mood until lunchtime when a bowl of miso soup had its usual magical effect upon me.

My friend Rachel called me up yesterday morning and started to tell me that on Sunday morning she also Sunday descended into a slough of despair, and had to sleep it off.  We were trying to find a reason for all this, and there were two factors.  First, we had both been drinking, which is normally enough to make ones headache, though not always enough to highlight the pointlessness of existence.  However, we both than realised that we were almost in exactly the same place in the Murakami novel we've been simultaneously reading (Dance, Dance, Dance).  On Saturday night I was about 80-100 pages from finishing the book, and on Sunday so was Rachel.  Now,  I think reading Murakami is the most important factor here.  His characters do have this tendency to just let things happen to them.  They rarely seem to make decisions, and they don't really react to anything that happens to them; unless it's their wife leaving them, in which case they shut themselves in the house for six months, or got sit down a well.  Anyway, these stories so have a tendency to make you wonder why we're here.

So today's advice:  if you going to read Murakami, do not mix with alcohol. 

In other news, I finally got out of the house on Sunday and went to an art exhibition in Ginza.  Then I had dinner with the artist and a few other people in a heavy metal bar. 

Loud Noisy

Nov. 19th, 2007 03:46 pm
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My neighbour got home at the same time as me today. He's a noisy fucker. Right now he's on the phone, and I believe the person who knocked at my door a moment ago is in there now, adding to the odd creaking - no, he's still banging at the door... WTF?

I could hear him snoring last night as well. However, I believe I contributed equally after a bout of insomnia led me to fall back to sleep at 5.30am. Until 8am I had a series of very lucid dreams, one of which involved my catfish asking to suck my blood. Old friends were also in there leaving the taps on in my apartment. My contribution was the numerous times I came to near consciousness by talking or shouting loudly.

Last night, to try and get over the Miseries, I went to Yongo Yongo. And indeed, there is nothing better than listening to Black Sabbath and discussing Velvet Revolver, Led Zepplin, Helloween and various others with Mama to alleviate the blues. All over a bottle of nice Spanish wine. Oishikatta to omishiroi desu.

This weekend I've been quizzed twice about whether or not I want a boyfriend. It seems, at 27, I need to be settling down and thinking about pushing one out. We were talking about the qualities I desire in a man - this was quite tricky, but I guess it would be: intelligent, good at talking (and listening), funny, creative, passionate and honest. So, the likelihood of finding one of those in a country where 70% of men cheat on their wives is highly unlikely. The more I think about men though, the less I like them.

Spell check doesn't like the word "fucker".

I'm going to play music loudly and try to do something creative.
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On Saturday night I was talking to a cat outside a bar for a good ten minutes. It was very cute, and I was tipsy. I'm not sure what passing pedestrians made of our conversation, but actually I don't care too much. My enduring memory of Saturday is listening to Whitesnake and enjoying it. This has not happened before.

Today I went shopping and bought t-shirts. Yay! And I joined Tsutaya, which means I can now watch as much horror as I can lay my blood-soaked hands on. And I can find Whitesnake and rip it onto iTunes. Why has no one but libraries ever thought of renting music in England? It's a fabulous idea.

So yeah, Whitesnake. I blame Bruce Dickinson's rock show, which I've been listening to for the past few weeks. Not that he's played ANY Whitesnake. But, why not blame a god of rock?

Anyway, here are some photos from the past few weeks I wanted to show:

The meishi of some guy I met in Yongo Yongo on Saturday night. Think I should call him?

Last week Atsuko brought cool cakes for dessert.

I particularly liked this guy.

Gentian? I want to say Scabious, but I think that's wrong.

Bearded irises. These grow on the side of the road and, unlike England, no one steals them.
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I am 60% Metal Head.
Metal Head!
I rock just as hard as the rest of the thrash set, except when no ones looking I like to get down with a little "More than a Feeling."

I am 77% Goth.
Goth as Rozz!
24-7 I am a freak. Every day is halloween. The creatures of the night fear me.
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Have death breath from garlicy bruschetta - will keep the beasts away at work tomorrow!

Have been reading H P Lovecraft today and now think that I could have made some better points in my Pro Jekt article but too late now. Actually, I was remarking on the number of dreams that Lovecraft turned into stories, which made me realise that I haven't had a memorable dream in ages. In fact, the last one was about getting on a plane, so not too topical then.

I'm making a rock-goth-metal compilation to take away with me. Anyone any ideas?


Aug. 22nd, 2002 09:21 pm
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First week at work is going OK, though I have sore feet from walking about all day. Am getting the hang of things quite quickly. People in Slough are soooooo dumb. They all read the mass-market crap and completely ignore stunning books like Atonement. In fact they just ignore books. And they all dress like white trash too.

Have got another cat, because after all, what's the difference between 7 cats and 8 cats? She is called Cookie and is very cute, spending all of her time kissing everyone she can find. She's not so sure about the dog, or the evil black devil in cat form, Blodin, but she doesn't seem too phased.

Jo and Clive are getting married next weekend. I was invited over but whilst I can GET to Munich I can't get home, so no wedding for me then! Jo has promised photos so that will be my consolation, especially as I have never actually been to a wedding.

I keep having dreams about my long ago ex-boyfriend. Nothing sexual of course. He's just in them, which is odd, as I haven't thought about him for ages. Best not dwell, let the subconscious sort this one out.

Found a Rage Against The Machine CD in the garage yesterday - must be one of my brother's throw-outs after he strayed from the true path into trendy-hell. Am listening to it thinking that I must et the other one, though maybe he threw thatn one out too. Will have to have another look.

Still to write Pro Jekt article - only 7 days until it's due in!
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I have just been asked to turn my music down! This is a first in the month since I returned. I thought they were all too deaf to care. Maybe they just don't like Kyuss... Maybe I'll put Opeth back on as they haven't complained yet.

Listening to Kyuss now always reminds me of this night in my first year at university where B, Jonny and I were all sitting in my room getting stoned. Jonny and I were slumped on each other and became convinced that the Kyuss CD was stuck because this one riff seemed to go on forever. It stopped...eventually. That was also the night Becky became "B" as I lost all enthusiasm to speak the second syllable of her name. We have this photo of that actually - Jonny and I are barely awake and my cigarette holder is handing limply out of my mouth. Damn I miss those nights. I could really do with a joint now.

???My mum is playing that "Lazy" song and dancing round her bedroom. Menopausal women eh? Psychos. Someone please put me down when that happens.


Jun. 27th, 2002 11:26 pm
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UURGHH! YUCK! I had to wear a suit yesterday! I look like an idiot in a suit! I at least endeavoured to go all black save for my funky iridescent red knee length jacket. I went to the London Graduate Recruitment Fair and ponced about with all the younger and far more qualified members of society. I spoke to the BBC and the Guardian and also a company called Nova who teach English in Japan. That'll scare you all, me going to the other side of the world. Or is more scary that I will be doing what I always suspected would happen - teaching English? Sounds good though, doesn't it?

The fair was in Islington, which is far more posh than I remember. I felt the urge to give into the corporate crap and wandered about with a frappacino. Then I got the fear so went to Camden where I began to feel much better. I bought an Opeth album which cheered me up too.

Gideon has a gig in Putney tonight. Should be amusing as it will be Pillow Talk's ( first London gig and mention has been made of 80 people turning up. Good luck...

Well, on the upside I have a job interview next week with an advertising agency in Maidenhead. My more nightime and pessimistic self holds little hope of an outcome, though my skipping-in-the-fields daytime self says otherwise. We shall see...

I've been re-reading "Pride and Prejudice", spurred on by the BBC re-showing the adaptation. I forgot how good it was! It helps that we have it on video so I have been reading and watching in conjunction. I keep finding myself talking like them which is worrying...

What shall I do this weekend? I have been busy since I got back so this will the first unplanned one. Not sure I fancy Reading after the last fiasco, and due to a lack of funds. It may be a night in with the DVD player while all my PVC hangs limp in the wardrobe... alas!


May. 29th, 2002 07:43 pm
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So, went to opticians found some new glasses with polarising lenses - oooohhhh! Had an eye exam. Is it just me or do you want to kiss the optician when he looks in your eyes with his light? They all seem to be quite good looking and they smell nice. No, it's just me isn't it? Anyway, I didn't kiss him, but I did steam up the magic machine they test your eyes with - I thought I sudden cataracts as the letters became fainter!

Gideon and I have been together for three years today. I was going to get him another copy of this photo we had taken at the Grad Ball last year (I wrecked the other one in a fit of rage!)but because it's a professional photo no one will do it. Cretins. Gid says he has got me a pressie but that it isn't in stock at the moment. Out of all the quizzing I've done I can only ascertain that it cost more than £20!

So Ziggy's was OK - but I was quite merry. Lou and I had a very successful evening in the requests department - Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine AND White Zombie, though he wouldn't play Tool. I think the success may have had to do with our cleavages but let's not dwell...

Sat in Victor J's today having posh breakfast and re-read my Star Industry article - what the hell am I talking about?! I'm rambling! Have 24 hours to sort it out.

Oh, and what's this rubbish about no one being able to visit my website - I can find it well enough. Incase you get lost again the address is:

" With any luck you'll be hit by a truck
And I will remain to dance on your grave!" Ha Ha! Voltaire rocks!
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Good morning...

SO, this week has been quite a good week as far as film-type things go. On Monday I went to see Blade 2 with Gideon. I quite enjoyed it especially the SFX and the fight scenes. The only bad point was the stoooopid girly sitting behind us who kept saying: " Urrrgh that's sick" or "Urrrgh that's disgusting" throughout. Her only varitaion was " Isn't that the guy from Red Dwarf?". YOU MORON!!!!! SHUT IT!!! Why oh why do people insist on paying a fiver to have a conversation in the dark - you can do it in a field! I really think people should be tested before they are allowed into cinemas, but then I also think some people should be shot at birth - "Are THESE your parents? Well, sorry kid, we just can't let them breed." BANG.

Oohh, so tetchy. On the upside, Dave and I went to see Queen of the Damned on Friday night and the whole experience was a lot better - only about 15 people in a 300 seat theatre. QOTD is better than I expected. It's best not to view it as a sequel to Interview though, more as it's own film. My only gripe (well two) is that it ripped off cheesy lines from Interview and was too conscious of its soundtrack. The Crow is the best example I can think of with a subtle use of rock on its soudtrack. Having Marilyn Manson and Static-X screaming at full volume ruined some of the effects slightly - particularly when Lestat is climbing up the wall and onto the ceiling. That scene would have worked so much better had it been coloured a little more errily with the music; not " COLD WE'RE SO COLD!!!!!" from Wayne Static.

Yesterday I saw Jeepers Creepers (what a popcorn fest). I was actually a little spooked by it, but not as much as the creepy X-files I watched last week - I don't normally get the shivers but the 1000-yard stare on that kid did it!

Today is Sunday which means I am doing the washing, mending clothes (believe me this is a regularly event - I can't afford new ones)and getting some food. I still hold true to the idea that food is not necessary - someone put me on a drip please, then I can waste my time on other things.


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