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Gaijinfails are numerous and often unexpected:
  • the most recent would be totally forgetting to remove my house slippers at my friend's house when wandering in the tatami room. 
  • eating sashimi incorrectly.  It seems that the numerous times I ate sashimi with with Japanese friends no one ever mentioned that I was doing it wrong, until summer last year when  I was told the "proper" way to do it.  Of course, the person who corrected me, could have just been messing me around.
  • going to onsen and brazenly wandering around with my tattoos showing.  The best time this happened is when I went to an outdoor onsen in Gifu with two friends - one of whom had pierced nipples, and the other, who not only was three times the size of the average Japanese person, but also bedecked with tattoos.  The bath emptied out pretty fast.  Of course, it doesn't always work like that.  I was kicked out of my gym in Omori for having tattoos after some crinkly old bitch spotted them in the showers and reported me.  "Life in Japan is hard for foreigners," said the receptionist as I signed the cancellation form.  "Not really,"  I thought.  "You just like to make it difficult."

Speaking of gyms, I quit gym back in the middle of November.  I got so frustrated with running on a treadmill going nowhere, and being subjected to Japanese TV, which is for the most part food porn and talentless "personalities" giving their watered down opinions about the process of making tatami mats whilst a bevy of overly coiffed and primped "personalities" nod their heads in disinterested agreement and giggle.  I doesn't help that I dislike TV in general, so Japanese TV was never going to fare well with me.  Anyway, I've been walking, swimming and doing yoga like a little beast since I quit.  I actually exercise more now that I don't go to the gym.  So maybe I should get off this computer and go take a walk in the sunshine!

I've been sounding pretty grouchy about Japan lately.  I think I need a break.  So it's a good thing my trip to Bali begins on Saturday!!!!
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It's cold and raining.  Boo.

I was a little rushed off my feet the last week.  Despite coming up with the grand plan to reduce my working week to Tuesday-Friday, I've ended up working 6 days straight, having taken up a short-term contract teaching at Waseda University.  It's quite fortuitous that I was offered the job as I had just worked out my predicted paycheck for January/February next year and things were looking a little hairy.  I have a month off both of my hourly paid jobs in December/January (no classes scheduled - not my laziness) so I was looking at being down a large amount of cash.  If I save the extra cash from this month's six-day a week craziness I should have enough to get by, but I may be on the brown rice and miso soup diet...

Other stuff I've done/am doing: 
  • am currently house-bound for the afternoon as I'm hennaing my hair.  As a result, things are looking very clean and tidy.  
  • I quit the gym on Tuesday after getting pissed off with a rude old lady the previous Friday, and then finding myself on the elliptical trainer wondering what the hell I was doing holding myself captive to the hell that is Japanese TV programming when it was gloriously sunny outside.  I quit straight after my work out. 
  • Then, in order to keep the exercising going, I went for a walk on Thursday morning, got stupidly lost and ended up somewhere along Waseda Dori.  It took me 30 minutes to get home, turning an hour-long walk into a 90-minute, 6 kilometre adventure. 
  • I've also been doing yoga everyday in order to prepare myself for this holiday next month.  I'll be doing 3 hours a day for a week, so I need to be getting ready for that, plus doing yoga is the closest thing to peace I get lately.
  • I've got my writing itch back after recovering from the mental wasteland caused by the summer.  Now, what to do with it...
  • November 6th was my 4-year Japanniversary - I spent it in an amazing house in Izu (see picture at the end).
  • Had Korean food in "Korea-town" (Okubo) yesterday.  Bibimpa is deeelicious.
  • I may have become slightly addicted to the first season of "Lost".  Help me - there are six seasons!!!
Day 09 - Favourite stores/shopping centers.
Hmm.  I don't enjoy shopping much - at least, clothes shopping is something I do for purpose only, not for pleasure, and I tend to stick to the European stores - Zara, H&M, Next.  I'm a devotee of Lush and The Body Shop, but again both are British in origin.  Japanese stores...??  I like Loft for it's singular ability to fuel my stationery addiction.  I used to go in there on my breaks in Yokohama and play with the pens.  I also found my favourite pen in a 1.6mm nib there.  I also like FrancFranc, and I also recently found an amazing peppermint tea called "Sheherazade" in a tea shop called Lupicia.  Tower Records in Shibuya is good to visit, though I have to exercise extreme self-control when presented with all the pretty books. 

Which reminds me.  I am currently fixated upon this hoodie I found on Lululemon, but which they don't have in the colour I want (pink and black) so I'm deliberating about the green one.  Sigh.

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Have joined gym down here. V. posh - they all drive Beemers. Overdid it yesterday though and spent day in a very hot tube network limping.

PAid for plane tickets - yippee! Then went to Forbidden Planet and bought a mini Living Dead Doll. Also found gorgeous Dave McKean Vertigo Tarot set so bought that too. I remember seeing a set last year in Dublin and have been drooling ever since. Felt a bit sick and tired so went home and drank expensive tea in Costa in Slough while waiting for bus home.

Bastard brother wants to use phone. Hate him. Are we even related? Must go now, after brief outburst.
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This weekend I have mostly been sitting in the back garden getting stoned when my parents have gone out. Thanks Fozzie's Mum for keeping me green! Had some terrible passport photos taken and forced myself into running this morning. The filter in the pond buggered up and left the fish with only 6" of water. One died. An expensive thing to happen seeing has some of those fish are individually now worth about £500. I jinxed them, that's it. I've got the fish jinx.

Am doing fire alarm testing tomorrow with my pa - hopefully paid too. Might go to London on Tuesday. Get stoned in the sun...


Jul. 16th, 2002 08:59 pm
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So I've got this dumb job doing data entry in an office with no radio signal and no one talks to me. Of course, if I didn't have my walkman on all day they might do, but they had their chance. I've been listening to Static-X, Tool and Aphex Twin which got me a bit tetchy after a while so today was Saint-Seans and Tchaikovsky (?).

I've booked my plane tickets for the US and Vancouver. £580, which isn't bad at all! now I have to sort out accomodation etc and then I'm sorted.

I went running after work, which was unlike me. I'm trying to tire myself out as I would like to get to bed before 1am sometime this month. I managed to actually BEAT the dog sprinting - granted he was already tired out and had a stick to worry about.

I haven't been on a good goth night out since I came back here. My corset is crying out for attention. There is the possibility of going to Slinky in Bournemouth in August, though that isn't goth so maybe doesn't count then... See, that's what happens when I leave, no one wants to wear black anymore!
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Ohhh Good News! Tim and Lil have had their baby - Samuel! About time too, I was beginning to think it was a ruse for attention!!

On the less screamy side of things Hilary and I have been going about setting up our Poppy Z Brite website - It's only got one page at the moment but that will soon change! I shall make some more graphics (I have a flying bat and a laughing coffin)for the site and it will be kick the butts of all the other PZB sites out there!!

Am aching again from squash. I think I will take the lift tomorrow morning - I can tell I won't be walking up those stairs!

Not much else to say - must get off computer though!!


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