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Ahhh, back home. Of course, I would genuinely mean it if I wasn't here. But, misery aside I had a wonderful weekend in York catching up with friends and missing out on more people who texted me today and said "oi! Did I really see you in York yesterday?" Gideon's house is very nice, if a little unsanitary, and York was its reassuringly rainy self. Spent Saturday wandering around town and getting tired and then spent sunday lunchtime looking for a place to eat and then finally ending up in a bar underneath the Travelodge drinking tea.

I'm very distressed, the houses advertised in the paper this week don't seem to be quite up to my criteria. I'm always dubious of adverts which say "Room to rent. Please." You really want to avoid that one then... I'll keep looking, though having been back up north I quite miss it. Maybe Leeds..?


May. 29th, 2002 07:43 pm
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So, went to opticians found some new glasses with polarising lenses - oooohhhh! Had an eye exam. Is it just me or do you want to kiss the optician when he looks in your eyes with his light? They all seem to be quite good looking and they smell nice. No, it's just me isn't it? Anyway, I didn't kiss him, but I did steam up the magic machine they test your eyes with - I thought I sudden cataracts as the letters became fainter!

Gideon and I have been together for three years today. I was going to get him another copy of this photo we had taken at the Grad Ball last year (I wrecked the other one in a fit of rage!)but because it's a professional photo no one will do it. Cretins. Gid says he has got me a pressie but that it isn't in stock at the moment. Out of all the quizzing I've done I can only ascertain that it cost more than £20!

So Ziggy's was OK - but I was quite merry. Lou and I had a very successful evening in the requests department - Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine AND White Zombie, though he wouldn't play Tool. I think the success may have had to do with our cleavages but let's not dwell...

Sat in Victor J's today having posh breakfast and re-read my Star Industry article - what the hell am I talking about?! I'm rambling! Have 24 hours to sort it out.

Oh, and what's this rubbish about no one being able to visit my website - I can find it well enough. Incase you get lost again the address is:

" With any luck you'll be hit by a truck
And I will remain to dance on your grave!" Ha Ha! Voltaire rocks!
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not sure what happened there...

I was going to put this on last night but in my drunken stupor it didn't work. So here it is...

Yesterday I didn't do an awful lot of packing. Instead I went to town with my friend Lou and had lunch,then bought CDs and make-up. We always start off clothes shopping but end up getting the fear in shops like Mango and have to leave and buy a CD to calm ourselves. I came home and started packing. Three boxes of books (big boxes too), one box of CDs, then I gave up and had a couple of tea before falling asleep.

Today I repotted some plants - because that's what do do when you should be packing - and began typing up this Star Industry interview. At first check, and not completely written, it got to 8oo words. So I paniced a little but told myself to finish before I did another word cound. 1157 words, then 1300, then finally 1822 words! I have gone off on one a little bit about how goth music tends to sound all the same. It's not a criticism of Star Industry so much as in it is a criticism of all Goth music and the Sisters of Mercy. The only people I credit with any originality are VNV Nation, and even then they are a product of something else. The fact is though, that VNV Nation get people's attention, get them dancing. I can't say that a lot of goth bands do anything for me, which is predomiantly why I still like my metal and everything else I listen to. I was listening to Voltaire while I was typing the article up which was probably not good as I was looking to find anyone who sounded faintly like anyone else, and for Voltaire I came up with Morrissey. I'm not that this is a fair comment!

Tonight I'm going out to Ziggy's with Tori and Lou (oh, haven of all things teenaged and baggy trousered). I haven't been there for nearly a year, so I will no doubt be reminded why I don't go tonight. You can always tell a bad club by the fact that you have to be rat-arsed to enjoy it! So we're having cocktails before we go! I have an optician's appointment tomorrow morning though - should be wonderfully blurred and amusing!!

Right, I'm off to do a bit of packing!


May. 26th, 2002 11:58 pm
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I started writing this earlire but the computer crashed so I gave up and watched three hours of TV. I feel slightly guilty about this lolling about until I realise that it's about the only TV I do watch in a week so less guilt being felt.

What have I been doing? Well, it was my last day at work at the dastardly DVA on Friday - much joy and happiness!! My replacement didn't turn up on Friday having had a shambolic introduction on Thursday - he must have seen something we have all missed and got out before it was too late. Anyway, went to the Old Orleans, ate, drank, went to more pubs - was it three or four? Nearly got conned into going into Flares. Had it not been for the alcohol in my bloodstream I am sure that I would have, at an earlier point, realised what a trendy 70's bar would be like on a friday night.

Much sadness was felt on Saturday when I finished at the Little Apple. I will really miss working there - not that it ever felt like working anyway - more a paid hobby. I shall miss talking to Tim and Lil all day about films and books and everything else and all the nice customers I've got to know! Sigh...what am I going to do with my Saturday's now? I shall have to get myself another hobby. Perhaps something to do with exercise seing as I haven't been to the gym in well over a month. And I really should start going back to yoga!

I will also miss Tyson and Hilary who came to be my best friends at work. I'm seeing them on Thursday one last time to have a drink and to dye Hilary's hair for her!

Now I have to pack which is going to be boring and stressful, especially when it comes to actually moving. On the up side I will be living rent free for a little while and thus hopefully seeing the plus side of my bank account for the first time in a year. I will also be near my friends back home, although a car will help on this account! Also, I shall be near London and Reading and damn well expect to go clubbing more often than in this boring place (I could go off on one about unreliable people but I won't!)

On another note, I watched the X-Files tonight. It was set in the Boston subway system. Note to self: Do not watch spooky programmes about places you will be visiting!!

Goodnight then all...
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Took the afternoon off work and got followed around the house all afternoon by Gideon who kept tickling, licking and kissing me. Which is fine, except he wouldn't buy me chocolate!!! Have had people coming to look round the house as it's now on the market. I just sat in my room and smiled while they made funny comments about my boots!

Have started writing Star Industry piece but am having a break as I tend to rabbit on unrelated subjects if not careful. Going to Lou's tonight to watch a video - am meeting in Blockbuster to decide. I shall miss the close proximity of EVERYTHING in York when I leave - not being able to walk/cycle everywhere is going to be a pain. I shall not miss much else, apart from my friends of course:)

I can hear people talking...hope it's next door and not burglers!!
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It has been a lovely sunny day in York which worked out quite well as I have spent most of it racing around York on the back of a Vespa (Vesper?). My friend Sammy took me on a Scooter "Ride-Out" to Bilbrough on the A64 and then back into York. I thought it would be a small York thing but it ended up being more like 250 scooters clogging up St George's Car Park by the river and then stinking up Mickelgate with exhaust fumes! A nearby wedding party decided to film us so we waved at the camera.

Now, as you know, I am not a Mod and having met some I don't think I would ever like to be one. I don't do blue jeans, nor do I do bomber jackets. I far prefer the leather and hair of the biker scene - on top of the fact that the engines are more growling than whining. No, I prefer men with teeth and hair, black leather and lots of make-up. I think I may have caught the sun - my face has that tingley tight sunny feel to it. I will wake up tomorrow with the freckles out!

So, today has been good fun, apart from my damned Web Page maker making my computer crash. I have just installed Adobe GoLive 4 and the computer doesn't like it! I also have lost patience with the damned thing. Everything has to be done in a certain way and if you don't do it THE way then it won't happen. Yes it's got DHTML but REALLY!

Films and cars...? Yeah, I need a new car so that I can take myself to the cinema and see Blade 2 before Friday when QotD comes out. If you want to see reviews I may write of anything it may be worth checking out my website at some point soon (i.e. when I regain enough patience to work on it....)

I think and VW Golf would be nice - black with black leather seats and maybe blacked out windows...


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