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It's cold and raining.  Boo.

I was a little rushed off my feet the last week.  Despite coming up with the grand plan to reduce my working week to Tuesday-Friday, I've ended up working 6 days straight, having taken up a short-term contract teaching at Waseda University.  It's quite fortuitous that I was offered the job as I had just worked out my predicted paycheck for January/February next year and things were looking a little hairy.  I have a month off both of my hourly paid jobs in December/January (no classes scheduled - not my laziness) so I was looking at being down a large amount of cash.  If I save the extra cash from this month's six-day a week craziness I should have enough to get by, but I may be on the brown rice and miso soup diet...

Other stuff I've done/am doing: 
  • am currently house-bound for the afternoon as I'm hennaing my hair.  As a result, things are looking very clean and tidy.  
  • I quit the gym on Tuesday after getting pissed off with a rude old lady the previous Friday, and then finding myself on the elliptical trainer wondering what the hell I was doing holding myself captive to the hell that is Japanese TV programming when it was gloriously sunny outside.  I quit straight after my work out. 
  • Then, in order to keep the exercising going, I went for a walk on Thursday morning, got stupidly lost and ended up somewhere along Waseda Dori.  It took me 30 minutes to get home, turning an hour-long walk into a 90-minute, 6 kilometre adventure. 
  • I've also been doing yoga everyday in order to prepare myself for this holiday next month.  I'll be doing 3 hours a day for a week, so I need to be getting ready for that, plus doing yoga is the closest thing to peace I get lately.
  • I've got my writing itch back after recovering from the mental wasteland caused by the summer.  Now, what to do with it...
  • November 6th was my 4-year Japanniversary - I spent it in an amazing house in Izu (see picture at the end).
  • Had Korean food in "Korea-town" (Okubo) yesterday.  Bibimpa is deeelicious.
  • I may have become slightly addicted to the first season of "Lost".  Help me - there are six seasons!!!
Day 09 - Favourite stores/shopping centers.
Hmm.  I don't enjoy shopping much - at least, clothes shopping is something I do for purpose only, not for pleasure, and I tend to stick to the European stores - Zara, H&M, Next.  I'm a devotee of Lush and The Body Shop, but again both are British in origin.  Japanese stores...??  I like Loft for it's singular ability to fuel my stationery addiction.  I used to go in there on my breaks in Yokohama and play with the pens.  I also found my favourite pen in a 1.6mm nib there.  I also like FrancFranc, and I also recently found an amazing peppermint tea called "Sheherazade" in a tea shop called Lupicia.  Tower Records in Shibuya is good to visit, though I have to exercise extreme self-control when presented with all the pretty books. 

Which reminds me.  I am currently fixated upon this hoodie I found on Lululemon, but which they don't have in the colour I want (pink and black) so I'm deliberating about the green one.  Sigh.

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So... the past week has been pretty intense.

After the posting of Thursday at 2am, that day myself and a group of people went to the Hello Work office in Yokohama to find out about unemployment benefit.  They were useless.  That afternoon I got two phone calls asking my to come in for interviews.

I spent Thursday night sleepless, then got up at 6.30am to go on a stealth mission to gather my belongings from school, just in case we were not allowed into the building for some reason.  That was a success.  I went back later to look at the contract, was forced to wait for an hour to look at it, while students were waiting in the lobby ready to be taught,  I didn't sign it.  So i went home, jobless, payless and soon to be homeless.

Friday, I spent in a bit of a miserable funk until my friend Mikey called me and cheered me up. 

The weekend.  I had a job interview on Saturday at the British School in Omotesando (near Shibuya).  They offered me a job teaching at elementary school one day a week, a at the school two days teaching IELTS and TOEIC classes.  Interestingly, none of these classes is running at the moment, so I'll have a hand in planning and implementing them I hope.  They did offer me full time, but I thought for the mean time I would do 3 days and find work elsewhere to cover the rest.  I'm loathe to put all my eggs in one basket, as it were.

Saturday night, I had an impromptu date.  We went to a fabulous little wine bar which I would never have known existed, and will probably never be able to find again.  The wine was good, and so was the company.

Sunday I had a well-deserved day of bumming around. 

Monday - job interview and private classes.

Tuesday - training for teaching Grade 5, private class

Weds - training for teaching Grade 6, voice test (for more better-paid work).

Today, I spent getting the bulk of the packing done.  I've been doing bits all week, but I needed a solid day to get things done.  My friend Audrey came to keep my company and motivate.  Then later, two other friends came over to help off-load some boxes.  They've got a big navy house down in Yokosuka, so have plenty of storage space.  So I'm left with kitchen, bathroom, clothes and a sofa to deal with.  Will pack most of the clothes tomorrow, do the bathroom and most of the kitchen.  Then I'm away for a day or so in Ina (free car ride) to get away from everything.

I have a suspicion I may crack once I get away.  While I'm here, I'm stupidly motivated and constantly on edge.  I haven't had time to do anything but what needs to get done, so I've not really let the reality of the situation sink in just yet.  But, at least I'll be among friends.

Housing wise, still nowhere to live, but I have temporary places to stay.  Am looking to move in somewhere around June as I need a month with no rent, otherwise I will have no money left to feed myself before my first paycheck.  Am considering a shared house in Ikebukuro.  It might be nice to have people to come home to, rather than just an empty room...
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See this:

Which reminds me of a moment of comedy I had yesterday with my student's motorcycle helmet and a bread knife from the 100yen shop:

me with knife

Having been watching CSI before I left the house that morning, I had murder on the brain.

I usually find school parties more than a little wearing, which is why I find the lubrication of alcohol useful on such occasions.  There's nothing like entertaining on your day off to make you crave all the beer.  However, the picnic was made all the more interesting (in fact, the picnic was SAVED) by a Cosplay festival at the local exhibition hall.  It being a lovely sunny day, all the cosplayers were out in the sun posing with those huge light reflectors and enormous cameras.  Camera-crews were running about trying to get the most scantily clad to pose for them, and the general public looked on in a mixture of lust, shock and bewilderment.  I thought it was brilliant.  Sadly, this was also the day when I decided not to be bring my SLR with me, so I couldn't capture much of what was going on, but thank goodness for mobile phones:

A bit of a boring picture, but you get the idea.

Later, after a Mexican birthday party, I came across some interesting stuff in Harajuku:

A slightly ghoulish tribute to Alexander McQueen in a shop window.

A nearby shop left a Dyson on display.
And another bastardization of the English language.

Today I took a walk with a new friend from Shibuya to Harajuku to Omotesando to Aoyama to Sendagaya to Harajuku to Shibuya.
It took a while.
Then we did some karaoke and I sang Bjork's "Venus as a Boy".
Singing Bjork at karaoke is never advisable.

Now I'm waiting with interest for tomorrow.
We've been called in for a meeting at 10am (I don't start until 1pm) which will explain the "new system".
Should it involve pay cuts in any form the whole teaching staff with go into revolt.
I doubt it will be that bad, but I hate having to give up my morning.


Jun. 22nd, 2007 06:19 pm
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A quick update from work. My 6pm cancelled so I'm sitting in the office wondering why my head isn't with me today. All week I've woken up late, having slept through my alarm. Given that the alarm is normally by my ear, this is not good.

I should do something constructive for tomorrow's lessons...

Later I will be cooking Aubergine Parmagiana (sp?) and watching "パプリカ”、which I've heard good things about. Let's hope the subs I downloaded for it aren't for the Tinto Brass film of the same name.

Am also about to finish David Mitchell's "Number9Dream", which is going to take book of the year, unless something astoundingly good comes along. There is a particular pleasure gained from reading books in the country they are set in. Those little bits of information you miss in England - like knowing what a Lawson is - add a familiar, engaging touch.

Today's weather is very English, rain rain rain all day. The kind of rain that gets under your clothes. I'm going to think about what else I'm going to do with my next class.


Aug. 22nd, 2002 09:21 pm
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First week at work is going OK, though I have sore feet from walking about all day. Am getting the hang of things quite quickly. People in Slough are soooooo dumb. They all read the mass-market crap and completely ignore stunning books like Atonement. In fact they just ignore books. And they all dress like white trash too.

Have got another cat, because after all, what's the difference between 7 cats and 8 cats? She is called Cookie and is very cute, spending all of her time kissing everyone she can find. She's not so sure about the dog, or the evil black devil in cat form, Blodin, but she doesn't seem too phased.

Jo and Clive are getting married next weekend. I was invited over but whilst I can GET to Munich I can't get home, so no wedding for me then! Jo has promised photos so that will be my consolation, especially as I have never actually been to a wedding.

I keep having dreams about my long ago ex-boyfriend. Nothing sexual of course. He's just in them, which is odd, as I haven't thought about him for ages. Best not dwell, let the subconscious sort this one out.

Found a Rage Against The Machine CD in the garage yesterday - must be one of my brother's throw-outs after he strayed from the true path into trendy-hell. Am listening to it thinking that I must et the other one, though maybe he threw thatn one out too. Will have to have another look.

Still to write Pro Jekt article - only 7 days until it's due in!
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As my three months of unemployment finally comes to an end I am starting to think I haven't actually done ANYTHING with it - though what exactly I can do with no money in the middle of green belt subtopia is beyond me. I've been stealing from my holiday fund to keep myself amused.

I had a cheap day yesterday though. A bus trip (£1.60), a train journey to Oxford (£7.90) and lots of free things like The Oxford Uni Natural History Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum. I got to see a tranatuala eating wasp which was HUGE! Fortunately only a resident of South America so big sigh of relief there. Saw some hissing cockroachs as well, live ones, though I couldn't hear them to know if they did hiss. Ate nice ice cream and came home only for the trains to be a nightmare and miss the last bus home. Had to phone my mum and grovel for a lift.

Off to Nottingham on Saturday to see Carol, who I haven't seen since Xmas. Going with Helen who I spent the weekend with in Bournemouth. Hopefully a cheap weekend -one bottle of red wine should do the trick.

Start my job at Ottakars on Monday. Am looking forward to an interesting job and some responsibility!!!


Jul. 17th, 2002 08:03 pm
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The interview went quite well. I was there for nearly an hour! It doesn't pay very well but I know that I would enjoy it! As per usual, jobs turn up in threes after a drought. I got the bookshop interview and then two agencies phoned me, one for a three month contract at a "response centre" and the other for a PA job. I think the PA job is unlikely as they won't take kindly to me disappearing for a month, so the call centre job is a little more likely. I'm a bit concerned about the bookshop job. It's not set in stone that the offer may even exist as head office apparently are a little cautious about hiring another person. Then there's the money factor, but I know that I would enjoy it! You know how some people grow up wanting to be doctors, well I always wanted to have a bookshop with a cat.

Did anyone watch Enterprise earlier? I have to be really anal here and reveal my dorkiness by pointing out a glaring error in the opening minutes of the episode, in fact the whole thing. A Klingon is running through a field being chased by some "saluiban's" or whatever they were. Now, this is set 100 yrs before the Captain Kirk era. In an episode of TNG Captain Picard goes back in time to Captain Kirk's reign and there they see an earlier Klingon who doesn't have the "bone deformities". Whorf is with them and mentions something about a virus which caused the Klingon "deformities" you see in TNG and beyond. So surely, in Enterprise the Klingon should be blemish free?

AM I being sad? I obviously should be doing other things...


Jul. 16th, 2002 08:59 pm
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So I've got this dumb job doing data entry in an office with no radio signal and no one talks to me. Of course, if I didn't have my walkman on all day they might do, but they had their chance. I've been listening to Static-X, Tool and Aphex Twin which got me a bit tetchy after a while so today was Saint-Seans and Tchaikovsky (?).

I've booked my plane tickets for the US and Vancouver. £580, which isn't bad at all! now I have to sort out accomodation etc and then I'm sorted.

I went running after work, which was unlike me. I'm trying to tire myself out as I would like to get to bed before 1am sometime this month. I managed to actually BEAT the dog sprinting - granted he was already tired out and had a stick to worry about.

I haven't been on a good goth night out since I came back here. My corset is crying out for attention. There is the possibility of going to Slinky in Bournemouth in August, though that isn't goth so maybe doesn't count then... See, that's what happens when I leave, no one wants to wear black anymore!
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I am now 22 British Years Old. Well, yesterday actually. Got up late, ate chocolate cake for breakfast and opened presents. Got nice Clinique Make-up, Ghost perfume and Estee Lauder (spelling?) nail varnish in harlot and vampy reds! Also got lots of book tokens to fund habit. Lou bought me Hell's Angels by Hunter S Thompson (so cunningly hinted at on my wishlist) - Thank you LOU! Jenny bought me some choccies and some glittery purple eyeshadow! Gideon was going to add to my Living Dead Dolls collection but instead got me a cuddly Sully toy. I was particularly amused by one birthday card which must have been hunted for high and low as it actually says " Goth Chick" on it. Well spotted.

One of the agencies phoned me and asked if I wanted to work. I thought about it. I said no and watched an ER double-bill instead. Oh, which reminds me - did anyone tape the last epidsode of CSI? HILARY ask Tom if he's got it and if I can borrow it?

Went to Reading last night and drank lots of cocktails in TGI's. Then went to the Turtle and drank a bit more. Then we went to the Fez Club. The last time I went there it was still the Alley Cat, so the chintz (and the gross underage-ness)frightened me a bit. Drank some more; Naomi got molested by some bloke who was staring at us in TGI's, went to the Turtle and eventually got home at 3.30am.

I've got a job for Thursday and Friday. That bastard advertising agency didn't want me. Apparantly there were more qualified people than me. Do they have Phd's in gophering then? Damn them.

One of our many TV gave up the ghost on Saturday. This was most distressing to everyone as it was the one in the dining room so everyone has to eat in silence now. He he he! Strange how the loss of one TV in a house of four can cause so much grief.

Anyway, I'm going to spend some imaginary money now.


Jun. 27th, 2002 11:26 pm
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UURGHH! YUCK! I had to wear a suit yesterday! I look like an idiot in a suit! I at least endeavoured to go all black save for my funky iridescent red knee length jacket. I went to the London Graduate Recruitment Fair and ponced about with all the younger and far more qualified members of society. I spoke to the BBC and the Guardian and also a company called Nova who teach English in Japan. That'll scare you all, me going to the other side of the world. Or is more scary that I will be doing what I always suspected would happen - teaching English? Sounds good though, doesn't it?

The fair was in Islington, which is far more posh than I remember. I felt the urge to give into the corporate crap and wandered about with a frappacino. Then I got the fear so went to Camden where I began to feel much better. I bought an Opeth album which cheered me up too.

Gideon has a gig in Putney tonight. Should be amusing as it will be Pillow Talk's ( first London gig and mention has been made of 80 people turning up. Good luck...

Well, on the upside I have a job interview next week with an advertising agency in Maidenhead. My more nightime and pessimistic self holds little hope of an outcome, though my skipping-in-the-fields daytime self says otherwise. We shall see...

I've been re-reading "Pride and Prejudice", spurred on by the BBC re-showing the adaptation. I forgot how good it was! It helps that we have it on video so I have been reading and watching in conjunction. I keep finding myself talking like them which is worrying...

What shall I do this weekend? I have been busy since I got back so this will the first unplanned one. Not sure I fancy Reading after the last fiasco, and due to a lack of funds. It may be a night in with the DVD player while all my PVC hangs limp in the wardrobe... alas!


Jun. 19th, 2002 10:46 pm
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Well, I's still unemployed thus have no money BUT...

I do get to sit in the garden sunning myself (though I did this too much the other day and made myself feel sick. Had to go and lie down in a dark room like a Victorian lady with the vapours!) I also get to go on nice long bike rides round Black Park (where Hagrid's house is!), take the dog for a walk, and do yoga in the sun on the grass. Alas, I am watching too much daytime TV - i will get a fat arse and start knitting if I'm not careful. Have been phoning lots of agencies saying "Gimme a job dammit!" but to no avail. I have had company these past two days as my sister has had food poisoning. This quite shocked me as I didn't think she ate... She's even thinner now...bitch.

I am off the the London Graduate Recruitment Fair next week so hopefully someone will take a fancy to me. I will be staying away from the MOD stand though - I've escaped once and have learnt my lesson.

Poor poor Hilary sitting at my old desk. I think about her a lot. We will meet up in therapy sometime no doubt - the Civil Service Recovery Anonymous group.


May. 26th, 2002 11:58 pm
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I started writing this earlire but the computer crashed so I gave up and watched three hours of TV. I feel slightly guilty about this lolling about until I realise that it's about the only TV I do watch in a week so less guilt being felt.

What have I been doing? Well, it was my last day at work at the dastardly DVA on Friday - much joy and happiness!! My replacement didn't turn up on Friday having had a shambolic introduction on Thursday - he must have seen something we have all missed and got out before it was too late. Anyway, went to the Old Orleans, ate, drank, went to more pubs - was it three or four? Nearly got conned into going into Flares. Had it not been for the alcohol in my bloodstream I am sure that I would have, at an earlier point, realised what a trendy 70's bar would be like on a friday night.

Much sadness was felt on Saturday when I finished at the Little Apple. I will really miss working there - not that it ever felt like working anyway - more a paid hobby. I shall miss talking to Tim and Lil all day about films and books and everything else and all the nice customers I've got to know! Sigh...what am I going to do with my Saturday's now? I shall have to get myself another hobby. Perhaps something to do with exercise seing as I haven't been to the gym in well over a month. And I really should start going back to yoga!

I will also miss Tyson and Hilary who came to be my best friends at work. I'm seeing them on Thursday one last time to have a drink and to dye Hilary's hair for her!

Now I have to pack which is going to be boring and stressful, especially when it comes to actually moving. On the up side I will be living rent free for a little while and thus hopefully seeing the plus side of my bank account for the first time in a year. I will also be near my friends back home, although a car will help on this account! Also, I shall be near London and Reading and damn well expect to go clubbing more often than in this boring place (I could go off on one about unreliable people but I won't!)

On another note, I watched the X-Files tonight. It was set in the Boston subway system. Note to self: Do not watch spooky programmes about places you will be visiting!!

Goodnight then all...
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Hmmm, interesting day/week etc.

Poor Hilary is NOT having a good time of it. My advice is to get out while you still can. Seriously, why do you think I chose to go so soon? The MOD seriously sucks your soul away and for people like us, you really can't bare the burden.

Got my money refunded from PBS interview. Bit spooky that I went over that dodgy track at Potters Bar twice in one day only a few days earlier. And now for a happier thought... ugh.

I think that when it comes to writing you've got to be pig-headed and just say " Damn the man!" a lot. I try to live off of rejections though sometimes i get that wierd feeling - like I'm a big bucket of water hitting the floor.

Oh hum, off to Alton Towers tomorrow - adrenaline junkie..he he!

And if you think this journal is depressing you should read the one by the side of my bed. Even I can't bare to read it!
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How very exciting the next two days are going to be!!

Tomorrow I have a rather short notice interview at The Poetry Book Society in London. I received the invitation to interview yesterday and became so excited/panicked that I left my keys at home and couldn't lock my bike up when I went into town to get my train tickets! The journey I think may be a little hairy time-wise as the interview has now moved forward half an hour leaving me about an hour to get to Wandsworth from Kings Cross! I hope it goes well as I think this job could be exactly what I've been needing - at least it's going to be more interesting that reading about naughty members of the armed forces and photocopying. Should I wear a scarf tomorrow - you know, for the poetic look?

Friday is going to be equally exciting as I have my motorbike CBT in the morning - I'll be learning to ride and going out on the roads for a bit. It means that I'll be able to ride a 125cc, or move onto bigger things after a further test!!

Saturday we're having a party - it was originally going to be a cocktail thing but now it could be more of a shindig than anything - no Breafast at Tiffany's style mayhem - or perhaps so after Hilary and I start on the Absinthe!

What else? The cowboys left the living room in a state and I had to hoover it when I got home. NOT impressed at all. I think they looked a little inbred - maybe they were from Market Weighton...


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