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Here it is in all its glory. A few picture are missing as I've used up my bandwidth for this month (or something) but I'll post them some other time. Like next month... maybe.

Whitby Trip )

Any comments (nice ones would be good) are appreciated.
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So I spoke to the people from the house this morning and they wanted me to come over to have another chat but my parents were ever so obliging and said no they wouldn't give me a lift six miles down the road. So, that was that. The house people couldn't coem to get me either so we had a conversation on the phone instead. One of the first things they asked was: " So, about this Goth thing?" This rather shocked me as I thought I'd toned down quite well. Obviously not. However, a similar thing happened when I went to a Drama Soc ball and I said I'd try not to look too Goth but ended up head to toe in black, dark red lippy and great big heels. I try at least. Anyway, I told them I wasn't about to start burning patchouli and that I do shower often.

Mum still not talking to me. Made me a cup of tea this morning but I didn't drink it as I thought it might be poisoned.

NOT GOING TO WHITBY!!! DAMMIT! Everyone who is going has to have a wicked time on my behalf. I WILL go in April though, come hell or high water. I'm going to book my tickets and do it!!! I'll have a nice new waist cincher by then too!!!
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A busy week at work. My feet hurt. Lots of people off sick which is no good when you have front of store to organise. Have met some nice people during the week, which I shall hopefully get to know/gossip with better.

Young Gideon Letch is coming to visit on Friday! Hurrah!! He says he has bought me a present too! I like presents... He also reckons there's some sort of metal distribution company based in Stoke Poges called "Black Tear" so he wants to go and see them! Interesting to see if someone rock and roll (apart from ME, darling) actually lives here.

Mum and Dad came back from Italy and brought a bottle of Chianti with them...yummy.

This time in two weeks I will be in Boston, and then this time in a month I will be in Vancouver!! He he he, I'm VERY excited. For all of you whose e-mails I have you will be on the update e-mail which I hope to do about once a week from my gothkitten account. Alas, due to exense of holiday it looks like Whitby is out, which is a shame coz I'm getting withdrawl symptoms from the old goth scene - no good when I really should have my finger on the pulse.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some writing done, even if it is only 100 words it's better than nothing. Andrew Motion was on the TV last night, I couldn't help but think back to my interview and the "you don't have much life experience" comment. I show you all... I'll get some dammit!!!
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Dammit, I WILL get this article finished tonight. I re-read it the other day and thought it sucked so took a pair of scissors to it in a William Burroughs style cut-up styleee. There is a very pretty sunset outside - all pink and nice with bats flying about the oak tree...

My parents are going on holiday tomorrow. Relief in some sense, but also NO control over rest of household so could end up with beery slough swine here courtesy of younger siblings. Not that I HATE the people of the non-royal bit of the county or anything.(!)

Also have a feeling that I will be missing out on Whitby again this year. NOT amused.
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Whoo hooo! I have


hair and I mean


Sammy and I dyed it last night with two coatings of bleach, which seems to turned it to straw but hell, this is going to be the last bright thing for a while becasue " I have to find a career", and as my mother said to me on the phone yesterday " Now I know you don't want to hear this but,you won't find a job with funny hair." I suppose she has a point... but why should I want to work for someone who judges me on my looks and not on my infinitely fabulous qualifications.

Anyway, Whitby tomorrow, and if there's one place people don't mind funny hair it's the Whitby Goth Weekend! I wish I was going for the weekend but alas I have not the funds. Much CD shopping will take place tomorrow and maybe even some clothes shopping if I find anything I like. Ohhhh I love my hair! The soldiers at work are going to get a shock!!! I hope they don't shoot me!
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Good evening. This is my livejournal. Thanks to Hilary for pointing me in the right direction. I can inflict things on you all now...

Well, I have just been to Voltaire's website. Is that man good looking or what? He has funny songs too - of course the things are on import so I shall have to be patient and wait until Whitby at the end of the month.

Damn, it's nearly bedtime. Work has wrecked my rock'n'roll lifestyle. If only I could function on no sleep and a hangover. NOT that I should be drinking according my diet book which says that I should exercise restraint. That would have helped before I got alcohol poisoning...twice.

Good night all, this thing costs money!! No where's that smiley face?


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