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Gaijinfails are numerous and often unexpected:
  • the most recent would be totally forgetting to remove my house slippers at my friend's house when wandering in the tatami room. 
  • eating sashimi incorrectly.  It seems that the numerous times I ate sashimi with with Japanese friends no one ever mentioned that I was doing it wrong, until summer last year when  I was told the "proper" way to do it.  Of course, the person who corrected me, could have just been messing me around.
  • going to onsen and brazenly wandering around with my tattoos showing.  The best time this happened is when I went to an outdoor onsen in Gifu with two friends - one of whom had pierced nipples, and the other, who not only was three times the size of the average Japanese person, but also bedecked with tattoos.  The bath emptied out pretty fast.  Of course, it doesn't always work like that.  I was kicked out of my gym in Omori for having tattoos after some crinkly old bitch spotted them in the showers and reported me.  "Life in Japan is hard for foreigners," said the receptionist as I signed the cancellation form.  "Not really,"  I thought.  "You just like to make it difficult."

Speaking of gyms, I quit gym back in the middle of November.  I got so frustrated with running on a treadmill going nowhere, and being subjected to Japanese TV, which is for the most part food porn and talentless "personalities" giving their watered down opinions about the process of making tatami mats whilst a bevy of overly coiffed and primped "personalities" nod their heads in disinterested agreement and giggle.  I doesn't help that I dislike TV in general, so Japanese TV was never going to fare well with me.  Anyway, I've been walking, swimming and doing yoga like a little beast since I quit.  I actually exercise more now that I don't go to the gym.  So maybe I should get off this computer and go take a walk in the sunshine!

I've been sounding pretty grouchy about Japan lately.  I think I need a break.  So it's a good thing my trip to Bali begins on Saturday!!!!

Xmas TV

Dec. 28th, 2006 04:30 pm
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There are occasional instances where I wish I was back in England. The most common cause of this, sadly, is seeing what's going to be on the television. With the intention of catching up on events in the UK (such as the Comodo Virgin Births) I checked the BBC website, only to be blown totally off-course by a banner advertising tonight's adaptation of Dracula. The synopsis sounds interesting, and I'm amused to see that the theme of syphilis, that old Victorian curse, plays a part. I think I waxed quite lyrical in my university essays about the role of syphilis in Victorian social anxiety(and vampires of course) so am interested in seeing this adaptation. It would also be good to see a version which isn't the Coppola one. Despite the bad accents and various other problems, I still love that version (mostly because of Gary Oldman and the costumes). All of my Draculas have long flowing locks and blue-tinted glasses.

However, the Beeb doesn't broadcast in Japan, and the likelihood of it ever being picked up on the local cable network is more remote than my getting bitten by Dracula himself. So, I've had to make do with the cult magazine section the Beeb has come up with, including a brief documentary featuring somebody I'm sure I've come across before. There are some vampy stories on there from Graham Masterton, Kim Newman and Michael Marshall Smith (amongst others) so I'll be giving myself the willies with them later on.

I'm also stamping my feet in frustration as there is not only an adaptation of Wind in the Willows, but also of Philip Pullman's Ruby in the Smoke. I shall be scouring the web for a downloadable versions ASAP.


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