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I'm still completely exhausted from the weekend.  Lately, all I want to do is sleep.  I got 8 hours last night and I still feel rubbish.   Curiously, yesterday I came home from a little meeting with Peaceboat and sat down with a coffee and a cigarette, and magically felt much more alive than I had done all day.  I don't even smoke, but I had a craving for one so I gave in and bought some.  Weird.

Last weekend i went to the new h.Naoto store in Harajuku to shoot the new Sixh collection.  The new store is very airy and sleek, and there was a great space for the runway.  Luckily, it was just myself and the the s-inc photographer so I had plenty of floor space, which suited my sad knee very well.  I can't show you all the photos, but here's a cool picture of (Pirate King) Ibi wielding a sword:

Afterwards, I walked down to Shibuya to my friend's birthday party.  The bar manager had double booked what was meant to be a party with good DJs with a J-Pop video night, so until 11pm the music was unbearable.  Myself and a few friends defected to the nearby rock bar and had a great time listening to classic heavy metal.  We returned later, to hear the birthday day boy verbally rip the bar manager and the J-Pop DJ a new hole.  It was pretty funny.  Fortunately, my friend started a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" and successfully diffused the situation.  The I went home, met a few other friends and stayed up until 8am laughing, chatting, listening to music and generally having one of the best nights I've had in a very long time.  And I wonder why I'm tired all the time...

This Sunday I was shooting at the Asia Girls Explosion in Yoyogi Stadium.  I had been convinced for some reason that I was shooting the Tokyo Girls Collection, so hadn't been much excited about it, until I actually did some research and realized that X-Japan's Yoshiki had masterminded the whole thing and that it wasn't the TGC but the AGE.  So not only did I get to shoot Marilyn Manson modeling, but I also got to see Violet UK and X Japan perform.  It was pretty cool.  I'm slightly enamored with Sugizo, but alas, not a single clear picture of him playing.  The stage was 70 meters away and my zoom just couldn't cope.  Fortunately, for the fashion shots, a bit of cropping and enlarging saved the day, and most of the Yoshikimono collection look pretty good.

On my way out, I got lost.  I was trying to get back to the press room, but got dragged with the crowds to the Harajuku exit, had my press pass taken off me by one of the staff, and then missed the press conference with Marilyn Manson and Yoshiki.  I was a bit gutted, but on the other hand, I was exhausted and busting for a pee so making a speedy exit home was probably the best thing to have done.

And now, into my last three weeks at work.  This Thursday is my last day at elementary school.  I like the kids, but I do not like 5.45am much.  I will also be happy to stop teaching rich weirdos.  Long story...

Here's a picture of me from Sunday, as I can't show you any pics from AGE until they're cleared by da management. It says everything about how I felt waking up.


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