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I've had a frantic past couple of months, but it all seems to be settling down a little now.

I moved into my new place on May 15th, and started working the same week, so things were pretty hectic.  Then I've been trying to sort out money, which has caused no end of hassles.  One particular case involved transferring money to my Japanese bank from England, only for it no to show up (and we're talking about £1000).  It turned out that the Japanese bank refuses to accept overseas transfers, despite apparently having a transfer system in place.  So I requested that the money be returned to my bank account in England...two weeks ago. And then it turned up, mysteriously, when I called the bank yesterday to complain about its absence.  Allegedly, it was credited to my account yesterday (probably about 2 minutes after the start of the call I bet), but at a loss of about £100 due to the various charges and exchange rates.  Thus, I will be writing letters of complaint after I finally get this cash (withdrawing it from the ATM, incurring further charges).  The money is going to pay back my friend who lent me the cash to get this apartment, and I feel bad for having to make her wait so long for it. 

There must be some sort of alternative banking system available, which doesn't mess you about so much.

About a week after I moved in, I was chopping spinach for dinner, and sliced my finger open on a new knife.  Normally, the sight of blood and minor injuries has no effect upon me, but this time I passed out.  I'm not sure how long I was out for, but there were some funny old thoughts going through my head while I was gone.  I guess it was a matter of seconds, but it was certainly long enough to bleed all over myself.  Fortunately, the cut healed up super-fast.

Anyway, here are some pictures:
The streetlight outside apartment reads "Star Road".
That light blur in the background is the Chuo Line train.

Look at the size of that kitchen!!!  It even has two, yes TWO, gas burners.
My leopard-print sofa has been much remarked upon.
The glass in the sliding doors is "Showa glass" and rattles when the wind gets up.

The day I moved in, my friend Saori came to help.  She was armed with kitchen towel, cloths, washing up liquid...
and dinner!  Here we have (top left going clockwise) - manjyu from Matsumoto, home-made plum wine,
sour plum and seaweed rice balls, stewed pumpkin, oden, and spinach and mushroom in Thai sauce. 
It was delicious, and kept me fed for a few days!

Yes, my balcony is blue and green, just like my building.
The landlady is a slightly eccentric but cute old lady, who asked me if I spoke Spanish.
She has a brilliant garden, which I will endeavour to take photos of (and steal grapes from!).

My balcony is going to become a small jungle:
gerbera, geranium, marigolds, aubergines, tomatoes, mint, habaneros, basil, oregano, mint.
I'm still on the look-out for fresh coriander!
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I've been gone for a while, ne.

The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, made all the worse but not knowing when I had to move out of my apartment.  Eventually, I moved out last Tuesday and am currently staying at my friend's place in Kamiooka, just south of Yokohama.  Though I've been given no deadline, I wanted to leave because just living there was causing me untold amounts of anxiety, due to it being a company apartment, and all the attendant bad feelings that come with living there.  Every time I heard male voices outside the door I thought someone was coming to evict me.

Once I was out, things settled for a day or two, and it was pleasant just to be able to relax a little bit.  However, on Friday I went apartment hunting and since then I've been crazy busy with trying to get money sorted out.  I went to look at a number of apartments in Asagaya, just west of Shinjuku.  The second apartment I found had my name written on it, and so I decided that despite being slightly more than I wanted to pay in rent, it would suit me much better than my second choice apartment.  I'll tell you all about it once I move in. 

So, I signed the contract to move in on May 31st, and had to pay half of the money today.  However, I had to teach today, and have a meeting with a guy from a removal company.  I met him at 10.30am, and his first quote was for 120 000yen to move (you do the maths, it's horrific).  I think he saw me go pale, so he recalculated a few things, phoned his boss and got it down to 70 000yen, but that's still a month's rent I'm paying to move house.  The reason things are a little expensive is that I'm planning on taking the washing machine and fridge with me when I move.  They're not mine, but I figure the company owes me a boat-load of money and has caused all kinds of anguish, so it's my compensation.  I spoke to my friend, who is also my guarantor on the house, and she told me that she had already called the estate agent to see if we could renegotiate the move-in date to this weekend, which wouldn't save me a lot of money, but it would save some.  We're still waiting to hear back from them.

So, after that meeting I had to rush off and teach 2 private lessons, and so by the time I got back to Kamiooka the banks had shut.  Which means I missed the deadline for the deposit.  I'm not sure where this leaves me - probably not in good position.  I'm climbing the walls at the moment. 

In an attempt to try and do something other than freak out, I'm gonna show you all of my Japanese apartments:

This was my first apartment in Ina.  Pretty bare, and full of the remnants of previous tenants.  It was also absolutely freezing.

The tatami room was depressing:

Note the broken shutters which revealed all to the mechanics beneath, and the black mold creeping up the wall on the right.
It's not wonder they couldn't keep teachers very long.
Thankfully, I only lived there for a month before being moved to a brand-spanking new Leopalace, pictures of which I seem not to have.

Then I moved to Tokyo, and was placed in a miserable, grey, cockroach ridden apartment in Omori. 
I did my best to brighten things up by investing in pink.

This bureau was depressingly brown.
But I did up the fridge in the kitchen:

I still have some of that wrapping paper, so I will put it to good use in the new place.

Then, I moved to Yokohama.  Cockroach free, perfectly located and not in too bad nick:

Well, that's all bare and sad-looking now.  Still full of other people's tat too.

I'll update you on the apartment when I know more.
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So... the past week has been pretty intense.

After the posting of Thursday at 2am, that day myself and a group of people went to the Hello Work office in Yokohama to find out about unemployment benefit.  They were useless.  That afternoon I got two phone calls asking my to come in for interviews.

I spent Thursday night sleepless, then got up at 6.30am to go on a stealth mission to gather my belongings from school, just in case we were not allowed into the building for some reason.  That was a success.  I went back later to look at the contract, was forced to wait for an hour to look at it, while students were waiting in the lobby ready to be taught,  I didn't sign it.  So i went home, jobless, payless and soon to be homeless.

Friday, I spent in a bit of a miserable funk until my friend Mikey called me and cheered me up. 

The weekend.  I had a job interview on Saturday at the British School in Omotesando (near Shibuya).  They offered me a job teaching at elementary school one day a week, a at the school two days teaching IELTS and TOEIC classes.  Interestingly, none of these classes is running at the moment, so I'll have a hand in planning and implementing them I hope.  They did offer me full time, but I thought for the mean time I would do 3 days and find work elsewhere to cover the rest.  I'm loathe to put all my eggs in one basket, as it were.

Saturday night, I had an impromptu date.  We went to a fabulous little wine bar which I would never have known existed, and will probably never be able to find again.  The wine was good, and so was the company.

Sunday I had a well-deserved day of bumming around. 

Monday - job interview and private classes.

Tuesday - training for teaching Grade 5, private class

Weds - training for teaching Grade 6, voice test (for more better-paid work).

Today, I spent getting the bulk of the packing done.  I've been doing bits all week, but I needed a solid day to get things done.  My friend Audrey came to keep my company and motivate.  Then later, two other friends came over to help off-load some boxes.  They've got a big navy house down in Yokosuka, so have plenty of storage space.  So I'm left with kitchen, bathroom, clothes and a sofa to deal with.  Will pack most of the clothes tomorrow, do the bathroom and most of the kitchen.  Then I'm away for a day or so in Ina (free car ride) to get away from everything.

I have a suspicion I may crack once I get away.  While I'm here, I'm stupidly motivated and constantly on edge.  I haven't had time to do anything but what needs to get done, so I've not really let the reality of the situation sink in just yet.  But, at least I'll be among friends.

Housing wise, still nowhere to live, but I have temporary places to stay.  Am looking to move in somewhere around June as I need a month with no rent, otherwise I will have no money left to feed myself before my first paycheck.  Am considering a shared house in Ikebukuro.  It might be nice to have people to come home to, rather than just an empty room...
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Woken this morning by the creep next door doing his washing at 6.15am.  Later I went out to peek at his balcony, only to discover that he had washed just two shirts.  And they weren't even work shirts, unless he's a lumberjack.  So, I will be launching a counter-attack tomorrow with the building manager, and if that fails, I'm not sure what else can be done, save for inflicting wounds upon the cretin.  I don't talk much about it here, but this dude next door has serious laundry issues.  On the national holiday he did three loads of washing in one day.  Is he washing his underwear individually?  And what the hell does his water bill look like?

So, in a desperate bid to get some sleep, as my brain betrayed me into a mere two-hours sleep on Sunday night, I hit Mike up for some Tylenol PM.  I shall take one in about 20 minutes and then hope that I can at least get eight hours of sleep tonight.  Sleep is becoming a real issue lately.  It goes in fits and starts most of the time, but what I have noticed is that drinking makes it worse, and exercise makes it a helluva lot better. 

My plan today was to quit.  But I didn't do it.  I think much of the sleep problems come from attempting to both find somewhere to live, and find another job at the same time. So the new plan is this (thought out with much help from Mike and the Tuesday morning coffee meeting we conduct each week in my classroom):  save cash, find somewhere to live, quit, move house, work a bit longer than intended at the school (so I can get my bonus) then go it alone over the summer and hope there's enough work to pay the rent.  This is chancing it a bit with the economic situation of the company, but there's little option. And should things go belly-up, I will at least not be homeless.  Mike is gonna introduce me to his landlady and see if we canf ind something suitable and affordable in the Asagaya/Koenji area.

Hmmm, 15 minutes until Tylenol time...
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It seems that I haven't posted anything exciting here since before I moved house...

Well, I woke up this morning at 8.30am with the intention of doing something useful with the morning, but went back to sleep and dreamed about something funny, as I woke up smiling.  Clearly it was worth the extra hour in bed.  Currently I'm waiting for my rice to cook so I can have breakfast.  The cable from my computer to my speakers is playing up, which is causing no end of annoyance.

Moving house went with no major hitches.  My friend came over with his car, did all the heavy lifting and then drove me all the way to Yokohama, so not only did I have the excitement of a new house to look forward to, but I also got a ride in a car for the first time in...actually, the first time in a month.  But it was the first time I was in the front passenger seat, which is far more fun.  In the process of moving I managed to accumulate 6 bruises upon my person, including one on my finger from bashing it with a fire extinguisher, and one on my forehead from cleaning my fridge (which was bloody taken away as trash a week later).  That last one nearly made me boo like the big girl I am.

The next day I went back to work, and that night jumped on a bus from Tokyo to Sado Island, near Niigata, but not very near as it takes 2 hours on a ferry to get there.  More on that another time, and I can also promise photos.

Then back home to the numerous boxes.  I seem to have lost a tonne of junk in the process of moving house.  I suspect the de-junking which the process involved may have become a little over-zealous on my part and I ended up chucking out everything, though not my passport and all those Thai Baht, thankfully.  So far, major losses have been my new debit card and the mysterious loss of the 10 000 yen I was gonna pay my bills with.  And no, I didn't spend it.  This once again proves my theory that one pays a tax when one moves house, though not generally in money - books, important documents, etc.  i may have to write a story about it and get someone to illustrate...

So next month I will be taking 8 days of holiday in a row.  The reason for this is that the rules of taking this "special holiday" are in tiny tiny lettering on the bottom of the form, and in less than clear English.  I had previously booked 3 holidays and taken them without any fuss being made, but now it transpires that the office monkeys got it wrong and I have to take all 8 days or lose them.  So I'm taking them.  What the hell am I going to do? 

I'm quite tempted to go to Indonesia and check out Java and Bali, but I suspect that way lies the use of money.  Another plan is to stay here, study for my Japanese exam and mooch about for 8 days, with a bit of sightseeing thrown in. Boring. Earlier I thought that, should that be the case, I will need a writing project to keep me amused.  Would anyone like to suggest something which can be done in 8 days?  Poetry or prose.

Hmm, Java.  Oddly, I was just looking at working for English First in Indonesia...

More on why I should have gone to art school later...


Aug. 25th, 2009 04:50 pm
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I currently have no internet connection and my mac has gone to get a new logic board so I shall be absent for another week or so.  Joy. 

On the upside I have a new apartment, which is quite lovely, except for the dust and junk from the previous tenants.
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It's a sticky, horrible, rainy day.  The only small blessing is that the cloudy, rainy weather has reduced the temperature to 26 degrees, although the 88% humidity is doing little to help matters.

Last night we had a massive leaving dinner for one of my co-workers - about 61 people turned up - and we pretty much took over one half of an izakaya in Yokohama.  Half way through my co-workers' speech the building started swaying.  It wasn't a strong quake, maybe only a 3 or a 4, but when you're on the 25th floor it feels slightly like you've been drinking too much, which most people had, though pleasantly I hadn't.  I think the weird thing was that it lasted for about 2 minutes or so, which is a pretty long time.  If you check the Japan Meterological Agency site  for yesterday at about 8.02pm, you can see that pretty much the whole  Honshu experienced the quake.

Today, after lazing about in bed this morning, I will be packing up my stuff as I'm moving house at the end of the week.  Today is the only day I'm going to get off until next Wednesday as I on the go from 10am to 10pm every day this week with various bits and pieces.  After moving house on Friday, for which I have taken a day off, I will be working Saturday and then taking a a night bus to Niigata and Sado Island for the Earth Celebration festival.  The island is deceptively large, probably about the same size as Tokyo, so my friend Rachel and I have been mulling over how to get to do all the things we want, including taking a tour through a fjord in a glass-bottomed boat.  The Taiko drumming workshops are all fully booked, but as long as the weather holds out I'm certain that we can do whatever we want on bicycles.  As we're camping, we'll have no shower facilities, so we're planning to hit the sea, and the onsen in town, everyday.  An excellent excuse to sit hot baths which are rumoured to be good for gout.  I didn't even know that condition lasted any longer than poor Sir Lester Deadlock in "Bleak House".

So, anyway. Packing...

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Just to let all those expecting a post (Ev) that I am alive and living in Tokyo.

There aren't many stars above, and no mountains looming at me in the morning - just people looking at me as they hang out the washing (and they do the washing every day). I have a teeny-tiny apartment but I do have a loft to sleep in, which is quite cool.

So far I have discovered a 'natural bakery' which sells brown bread (yay!). This morning I also received a random act of kindness when my bike chain came off just as I set out to find the bakery. I was getting all mucky trying to get the chain back on and a guy came over and fixed it for me - not something I was expecting in anonymous suburbia (I want to say suburban anonymia - is that a word). In other random news I have come across the word 'bivouac' about 5 times in the last 3 days - I don't think I've ever had need to use that word, and I suspect I never will, unless I talk about bivouacing in a karaoke box in Shibuya until the trains start running again.

This weekend I met up with the lovely Janan to do "Cake Sunday" in Shibuya. Cake Sunday is, as it sounds, a Sunday revolving around the copious consumption of cake, which we all succeeded in doing. We then proceeded to a karaoke place to ride out the 'sugar-crash', and to serenade my mum with "Mamma Mia" when she called.

Here's a picture of me at "Sweets Paradise" in Shibuya, about to push myself towards a diabetic coma:

Moving house has reminded me why I don't like moving house. For about three weeks the right side of my face has been tense and I regularly have jaw-ache from grinding my teeth. I have to sit in my classroom gurning to get my face back to a normal expression. Sitting in my apartment is also vexing as I have a box of books and CDs with no home, and a bloody great big desk which is a mess from the amount of stuff with nowhere to go, and a huge bag of plastic and paper recycling hiding underneath. I think I may have to find the recycling shop and procure something less...ugly and obtrusive. I also feel the need for a sofa of some kind, and bookshelves. I went shopping today for net-like curtains so the neighbours don't have to view my every move, teaspoons, a washing line thinger, and some form of food. Alas, I had to pay for my train ride into Yokohama as my train pass leapt out of my possession on Saturday night somewhere on the trains home. I went to the station today and managed to communicate my loss to the station staff. They gave me a piece of paper and told me to got to Shinagawa tomorrow to get a new one. Go me, my Japanese is good enough to sort this kind of thing out on my own. I'm so chuffed I might do some more homework after this.

I also went to see Rage Against the Machine last weekend. I arrived at my apartment, shifted some stuff around with the help of two strong men, and then flew off to Chiba. Rage were excellent. I only wish I had had more energy for the evening.

Anyhoo, that's it for now. My camera decided to have a fit at one of my leaving parties, so I'm going to have to take it to be repaired before I can take any photos for your viewing pleasure. Until then, postcards, posters, letters, pictures, CDs etc etc are most welcome to help decorate my new place.
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I had such a nice day off yesterday. Went to bed at 9pm the previous night and made myself sleep with the aid of sleeping pills, ear plugs and a pillow on my head. Woke up at 9am and sat in bed until 1pm reading - bliss. Slummed about, took dog for a walk, though had to detour due to flooding and then read even more.

Tonight I went to see some more rooms. The first house is my favourite, even if the rent is a little over my budget. The room was as big as my current one and everyone in the house was quite quiet too - very important. The second house had two rooms to choose from, a double room which had brown walls, a gaping fireplace and smelt musty; and a box room. Both were on the ground floor, which does little for my sense of security. I think I like the first house better, though they do have a "no male visitors" clause so poor Gideon won't be able to stay the night. The second house is cheaper, but then the room does have old tatty furniture and virtually none of the lightbulbs seemed to be working. No, I'll go for the first one. I can see some peace being obtainable there...

Ohh! Got my funky pink collar from Dark Garden in San Francisco yesterday - very nice, now all I need is the matching cuffs and wasp to boot. No sign of LOTR special edition DVD yet - typical of They have until Saturday and then I do some nasty e-mailing...
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Ahhh, back home. Of course, I would genuinely mean it if I wasn't here. But, misery aside I had a wonderful weekend in York catching up with friends and missing out on more people who texted me today and said "oi! Did I really see you in York yesterday?" Gideon's house is very nice, if a little unsanitary, and York was its reassuringly rainy self. Spent Saturday wandering around town and getting tired and then spent sunday lunchtime looking for a place to eat and then finally ending up in a bar underneath the Travelodge drinking tea.

I'm very distressed, the houses advertised in the paper this week don't seem to be quite up to my criteria. I'm always dubious of adverts which say "Room to rent. Please." You really want to avoid that one then... I'll keep looking, though having been back up north I quite miss it. Maybe Leeds..?
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My brother just knocked on my door and asked me what I was listening to.

"You wouldn't like it," I said. " It's Goth."

" They're quite trancey," he said, doing some sort of trendy wiggle with his hands.

" Yeah..." I said. Please go away, I thought. He hung there with a "so..?" look on his face.

" VNV Nation," I grumbled, and closed the door. Great, another excuse for him to come in my room and steal things. Now he's playing his shitty music loudly, with the door open. Bastard.

Grumble grumble.

I haven't been looking at houses this week as nothing really turned up in the area I'm looking in. Vici's mum suggested last night on the phone that I get a mortgage and buy myself my own place. It's a possibility, but hell, I'm not even earning enough to be paying off my student loan so how will I afford to pay off a mortgage? The bookshop chain has a branch in Northallerton. Maybe I could move shop and live up there, and maybe Hilary could come too and then I'd be living with someone I know!! All very pie in the sky. Anyway, they'd only let me move if I was important enough, and I'm not there yet. Give it another couple of years maybe.

Watched 8mm last night and tonight. I had to break it into two segments as my computer kept crashing after about two hours or disc spinning. Weakling thing. Joaquin Phoenix is always nice to look at, and with blue spiky hair and leather trousers, really, who's NOT going to watch? I had a dream about him while I was on holiday. I think it was because we were talking about Phoenix, Arizona. Also, I think it collided with the altitude sickness, because I never dream about famous people.

Ho, hum. Finsihed reading a book called "Sabriel". It's really cool - all necromancy and magic n' stuff. I bought it and the sequel while I was in the states so I can read the sequel straight away!! Joy joy!!!

Goodnight all.
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So I spoke to the people from the house this morning and they wanted me to come over to have another chat but my parents were ever so obliging and said no they wouldn't give me a lift six miles down the road. So, that was that. The house people couldn't coem to get me either so we had a conversation on the phone instead. One of the first things they asked was: " So, about this Goth thing?" This rather shocked me as I thought I'd toned down quite well. Obviously not. However, a similar thing happened when I went to a Drama Soc ball and I said I'd try not to look too Goth but ended up head to toe in black, dark red lippy and great big heels. I try at least. Anyway, I told them I wasn't about to start burning patchouli and that I do shower often.

Mum still not talking to me. Made me a cup of tea this morning but I didn't drink it as I thought it might be poisoned.

NOT GOING TO WHITBY!!! DAMMIT! Everyone who is going has to have a wicked time on my behalf. I WILL go in April though, come hell or high water. I'm going to book my tickets and do it!!! I'll have a nice new waist cincher by then too!!!

House Sale

Oct. 28th, 2002 09:02 pm
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Well I went to see the house. The people in there seemed nice enough - a little older than me but that's not unsurprising really. The house is quite nice too. The bedroom was a little small however, though having a double bed in it doesn't really help matters, but then it is a double bed. It made me realise what £230/month is going to get me here and also made me realise that I have too many possessions. So, (and I have been thinking about doing this for a while) I'm going to sell off some of my stuff. I'd quite like to sell enough to be able to make a small contribution to a laptap as part exchange for my clunky great computer, though really that's not going to happen.

Anyway, when I get it all sorted I will stick a list up, probably on my website, of all the stuff I will be shifting - CDs, books, videos, maybe some clothes, maybe my stereo (I need a smaller one anyway). The more easy I can make things when moving about in the future the better really.

Still not talking to my mother, but she's not been in this evening so a small respite at least. Brother stormed out at dinner because my dad was watching him eat. Like I said, dropped on the head...

Work good and busy though, which is what I like.
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Well, it's definately time to move out. I was looking for other places to live anyway but last nights cataclismic row with my mother has spurred things on rather significantly. I phoned up one advert in the local paper today and am going to see the house tomorrow night.

I've really had enough of living here now. My mother is some sort of meopausal psycho and my brother (obviously dropped on the head as a child) keeps listening to Christmas music... loudly. I think I prefer "music to get your head kicked-in to" than Band Aid singing "Do they know it's Christmas". In retropspect I should never have moved back. I knew it wouldn't be easy living at home again but I didn't think I'd be used as an emotional punch-bag and tormented to the idiot box all the time.

La la la, life's all sparkly. At least work is good, apart from the customers who are either idiots, or treat YOU like one.

Grrr grrrrr. Chiildren should be like praying mantis and eat their parents after their purpose has been served.
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So, there was this big note in an old diary saying "never move back home!" Dd I listen? Mind you, what else was I meant to do - stay in York and tear my hair out? At least I can tear my hair out with new scenery here.

My parents are DEAF! Why does the TV have to be up on maximum at all hours of the day? I have suggested hearing aids, head phones, even using the subtitles but to no avail. I'm going to torment them all with metal, claiming that I too am deaf and need it up to 11. And that's the other thing: I have fixed all the electrical appliances since I got here two days ago. And how did I do that we wonder? I read the manual!!

On the up, I wandered into's offices today and gave them my CV - no balls, no get. Feel trip to Camden coming on just to celebrate my unemployment and poverty. I would sign on but I can't stomach the thought of the benefit office in Slough with all the drunks and scags hanging around it. Someone got stabbed there last year I believe.
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not sure what happened there...

I was going to put this on last night but in my drunken stupor it didn't work. So here it is...

Yesterday I didn't do an awful lot of packing. Instead I went to town with my friend Lou and had lunch,then bought CDs and make-up. We always start off clothes shopping but end up getting the fear in shops like Mango and have to leave and buy a CD to calm ourselves. I came home and started packing. Three boxes of books (big boxes too), one box of CDs, then I gave up and had a couple of tea before falling asleep.

Today I repotted some plants - because that's what do do when you should be packing - and began typing up this Star Industry interview. At first check, and not completely written, it got to 8oo words. So I paniced a little but told myself to finish before I did another word cound. 1157 words, then 1300, then finally 1822 words! I have gone off on one a little bit about how goth music tends to sound all the same. It's not a criticism of Star Industry so much as in it is a criticism of all Goth music and the Sisters of Mercy. The only people I credit with any originality are VNV Nation, and even then they are a product of something else. The fact is though, that VNV Nation get people's attention, get them dancing. I can't say that a lot of goth bands do anything for me, which is predomiantly why I still like my metal and everything else I listen to. I was listening to Voltaire while I was typing the article up which was probably not good as I was looking to find anyone who sounded faintly like anyone else, and for Voltaire I came up with Morrissey. I'm not that this is a fair comment!

Tonight I'm going out to Ziggy's with Tori and Lou (oh, haven of all things teenaged and baggy trousered). I haven't been there for nearly a year, so I will no doubt be reminded why I don't go tonight. You can always tell a bad club by the fact that you have to be rat-arsed to enjoy it! So we're having cocktails before we go! I have an optician's appointment tomorrow morning though - should be wonderfully blurred and amusing!!

Right, I'm off to do a bit of packing!


May. 26th, 2002 11:58 pm
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I started writing this earlire but the computer crashed so I gave up and watched three hours of TV. I feel slightly guilty about this lolling about until I realise that it's about the only TV I do watch in a week so less guilt being felt.

What have I been doing? Well, it was my last day at work at the dastardly DVA on Friday - much joy and happiness!! My replacement didn't turn up on Friday having had a shambolic introduction on Thursday - he must have seen something we have all missed and got out before it was too late. Anyway, went to the Old Orleans, ate, drank, went to more pubs - was it three or four? Nearly got conned into going into Flares. Had it not been for the alcohol in my bloodstream I am sure that I would have, at an earlier point, realised what a trendy 70's bar would be like on a friday night.

Much sadness was felt on Saturday when I finished at the Little Apple. I will really miss working there - not that it ever felt like working anyway - more a paid hobby. I shall miss talking to Tim and Lil all day about films and books and everything else and all the nice customers I've got to know! Sigh...what am I going to do with my Saturday's now? I shall have to get myself another hobby. Perhaps something to do with exercise seing as I haven't been to the gym in well over a month. And I really should start going back to yoga!

I will also miss Tyson and Hilary who came to be my best friends at work. I'm seeing them on Thursday one last time to have a drink and to dye Hilary's hair for her!

Now I have to pack which is going to be boring and stressful, especially when it comes to actually moving. On the up side I will be living rent free for a little while and thus hopefully seeing the plus side of my bank account for the first time in a year. I will also be near my friends back home, although a car will help on this account! Also, I shall be near London and Reading and damn well expect to go clubbing more often than in this boring place (I could go off on one about unreliable people but I won't!)

On another note, I watched the X-Files tonight. It was set in the Boston subway system. Note to self: Do not watch spooky programmes about places you will be visiting!!

Goodnight then all...
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Took the afternoon off work and got followed around the house all afternoon by Gideon who kept tickling, licking and kissing me. Which is fine, except he wouldn't buy me chocolate!!! Have had people coming to look round the house as it's now on the market. I just sat in my room and smiled while they made funny comments about my boots!

Have started writing Star Industry piece but am having a break as I tend to rabbit on unrelated subjects if not careful. Going to Lou's tonight to watch a video - am meeting in Blockbuster to decide. I shall miss the close proximity of EVERYTHING in York when I leave - not being able to walk/cycle everywhere is going to be a pain. I shall not miss much else, apart from my friends of course:)

I can hear people talking...hope it's next door and not burglers!!


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