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So, here's the other top.
Obviously, the Thai fisherman pants will not be worn at the wedding.

Here's the hair, with shiny things in.

Would a certain person in Texas like to give me an opinion? Pink or black and white?
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I'm downloading 8GB of a Japanese drama I can't find the entirety of on the tinterweb.  It's gonna take a little while longer, so whilst I wait, I may as well inform you of recent proceedings.

As some of you may know, unles s I'm cinched into a corset, there's very little chance of me being in any way elegant, presentable or well-dressed.  So you may understand why I'm having all kinds of difficulty trying to conjure up something to wear to my friend's wedding in a few weeks.  I had this weird idea that I'd go Victorian Steampunk via Tokyo ikemen - so think, grandad collared off-white/cream blouse, tight-fitting waistcoat, a tonne of silver accesories, and maybe a pair of googles (joking about that last one, I don't think anyone would get it).  For those of you who have no idea what I mean by any of the above,  just think of me dressed as Russel Brand:

But not.


Except that, of course, when one looks for such things they are not forthcoming.  I've found various alternatives, but none of them quite did it for me.  What with the horrific amount of money attending a wedding costs in Japan, upon the advice of my friend, I've decided just to go with what I already have.  None of which is suitable for a wedding - at least, not a nice Japanese family wedding in the depths of the Nagano mountains.

To console myself, I decided to mess about with my hair, which was beautifully saved by a nice hairdresser yesterday.  He smoothed out all the nasty layers that had been cut in last time, and even managed to tame my fringe, which was driving me nuts from the moment I left the hair salon in December.  In hindsight, I probably could have done a nice Visual Kei number on my hair, had I had the desire, but now I don't have to.

So here's what I did:
Hair (note grumpy face - also, do you like my new earrings?)

Pink satin shirt under my sexy black Birthday dress, over long black dress
trousers with big old clompy stack heel boots.

Option 2 for the outfit, I'll have to try on tomorrow and show you.
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I dyed my hair yesterday. It's a woody red colour now, though not quite what I had in mind. Nice though. That took 6 hours out of the day as it was a henna dye requiring much cleaning and sitting about. So I didn't leave the apartment. I did my Japanese homework and vacuumed. I wrote a letter, and even researched options for the future (the FUTURE! Arrrgh!) MA - England, Canada, the US. I looked at Bennington College, which has to be one of the more interesting colleges I've read about. The creative writing course, though, looks extremely difficult to get on to. However, I spent the early hours of this morning musing about what needs to be done, so I shan't discount it yet.

I also looked at flight prices for a Xmas visit home... which clearly isn't going to be affordable. My Mum pretty much said: " Why bother coming home? We'll only piss you off." Quite true, but I want to see the cats and sort out the remnants of my life in my bedroom. And see my friends, most importantly. And eat fish and chips. And mum toast.

I was woken in the middle hours of the morning by thunder. The cool thing about being inbetween two mountain ranges is that you are in a kind of bowl, which makes thunder sound that much more spooky.I'm also on the corner of the apartments which means I get hammered by rain on three sides - also spooky in the middle of the night. It's just starting to let up, which I hope means I can go shopping as I'm woefully low on food, having not been shopping for two weeks in a bid to save money.

Other things to do today:

1) 1pm Japanese lesson
2) Return my Xfiles DVDs to Tsutaya
3) Do some writing
4) Clean the bathroom and toilet (oh joy!)
5) Work on my "teaching vocabulary" project. I have to put a presentation together for the end of August.

With the story I'm presently working on, I've started recording sections on my laptop and playing them back. Why I never did this before I don't know. Reading the story out is something I do, but actually playing it back is quite good fun (and no comments about loving the sound of my own voice!). If I can figure out how to do it, I'll upload one as a podcast for you to listen to.

Yesterday I also watched episodes 1 of "Death Note" and "Azumanga Daioh". Currently I like AD better than DN, because I think Osaka is stupidly cute. I shall have to get me another Moleskine so I can scrawl "Death Note" across the cover in a blatantly unoriginal fashion.

I noticed that the pictures of my bike on Flickr have had more views than any other pictures. So shall I upload some pictures from the end of my holiday in May? Wanna see them? Comment if you do.
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Oh damn you brain!

My second night of insomnia. Not really bad insomnia, just the inability to fall asleep for hours and hours. Lying in bed trying to empty my head of irritating thoughts, but more just kept popping in. I did eventually get to sleep, but have been staggering about this morning trying to get my eyes to work.

Strange dreams too, though not really memorable.

I had a wicked dream on Monday night though, and given I had been drinking red wine until 3am I'm amazed it was so vivid. I was at a party sitting on a square cream sofa with a table in the middle. People around me were talking to each other. A guy comes over and sits next to me. He has long dark curly hair and a top hat. It's Slash. (!). We start chatting like we've known each other for ages and I mention Velvet Revolver, but he's not happy with the band at the moment. Anyway, we carry on talking for a bit.

I wake up at the party later that night. It's dark and I need a wee so I walk through the dark room to find the toilet.* On the way I find Slash asleep. His feet are propped up on the table and his head and shoulders are on the ground, as though he's been leaning back in a chair, but the chair has been taken away.

I told Lucas at school this dream. He said:

"Normally when someone tells you they had a cool dream it isn't at all. But dreaming about Slash? That's cool."

The lovely Lucas finished yesterday and is heading off to Thailand for a month before heading home to Canada. A shame he was only with us so briefly as I enjoyed having someone to discuss literature with. We get a sub-teacher today for two weeks and then our new teacher arrives from the US on July 14th. I felt this was a good date, what with it being Bastille day, but then I couldn't figure out why... So school is almost functioning again. Sometime I'll tell you all the woes of being the only permanent member or staff at school, or maybe I won't. We just need a new manager (doing paperwork in Kanji is impossible for me) and the place might be up and running again.

Haircut at the weekend. Much needed. I even managed to book it in Japanese. And I wasn't drunk. Next week I'm teaching double-comparatives to my super-advanced student. I gave her an example on Tuesday night as a taster: "The more beer I drink, the better my Japanese becomes."


*It occured to me that if I was telling this story to Gideon he would start punning on Slash, and needing a slash.


Mar. 18th, 2007 12:46 pm
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I've just watched the first 3 episodes of "Heroes" and I am really enjoying it.

Hiro is my favourite character.

Am currently downloading the next three episodes.

I think I have a new addiction.

More words tomorrow.

Oh, and my hair looks all flamey.
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No, not really.

This is the shortest I've had the front of my hair since I had a fringe when I was 20.

My appointment went very well, and I'm pleased to say I managed part of it in Japanese. Go me.

Next, henna.
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Or: " I should never have let you near me!"

Tomorrow I am having my hair cut. This is what it looks like now (excuse the smirk):

I'm hoping it will be shorter at the front (almost a fringe, ne?) and looking a little less unruly than it does lately. Today it's looking pretty good as I found the hair-dryers at the pool. Then at some point this weekend I'll dye it with the henna I picked up. I'll give you blow by blow images of the whole affair, just in case I lose my hair somewhere along the way. Still, henna can't be as disastrous as peroxiding your hair, having a hoot, and finding your luscious locks have turned to glass as a result. Regardless, I'd do it all again.

I'm currently downloading Lisa's copy of The Sugarcubes' "Life's Too Good" album (thank 'eee). I was doing this while listening to David Bowie's "Outside". My iTunes disliked this arrangement and has now changed to Chris Thile's "Deceiver" without any prompting on my part.

We have another party this weekend. I'm filled with a slight sense of dread about the whole thing, but maybe that's good, as it will deter me from getting too wasted. Then again, maybe it will spur me on. Sod it, there's nowt else to do here but drink, and it more often than not results in hilarity of some sort. And, just in case you're worried, I haven't started drinking before I get out of bed.
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Grrrr, weirdos. There's weird to a point, and then there's weird to punching point. Jenny took Naomi and I to Reading in Friday night though Naomi and I ran off the the 'goblin first for cheap-er beer and cathcing up with old chums. Got hastled by drunk people shouting "1-0!" a lot. Well done, you like football. Didn't one of the managers of TopMan say their clothes were all bought by thugs? Football and Topman. Anyway, went to Reading got hassled less. Went to pub and drunk black sambuca and got spoken to by drunk men in suits. I phoned Gideon as I suddenly missed him but someone was on the phone at 1.30am.

Missed last train home as 2.30 train was cancelled. Had to get taxi which cost £28 but we found two blokes to share it with so it wasn't too bad. Slept on a sofa and got woken up by road works.

Had hair dyed - it just looks...normal. Once we've saved it from complete destruction though we're going to put big red and gold slices through it.

Am going to attempt to switch computers over today as cannot read my emails properly because this computer doesn't load the page up properly. Christ, it's boring down here. Am going to go to village fete for donkey ride now...
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Whoo hooo! I have


hair and I mean


Sammy and I dyed it last night with two coatings of bleach, which seems to turned it to straw but hell, this is going to be the last bright thing for a while becasue " I have to find a career", and as my mother said to me on the phone yesterday " Now I know you don't want to hear this but,you won't find a job with funny hair." I suppose she has a point... but why should I want to work for someone who judges me on my looks and not on my infinitely fabulous qualifications.

Anyway, Whitby tomorrow, and if there's one place people don't mind funny hair it's the Whitby Goth Weekend! I wish I was going for the weekend but alas I have not the funds. Much CD shopping will take place tomorrow and maybe even some clothes shopping if I find anything I like. Ohhhh I love my hair! The soldiers at work are going to get a shock!!! I hope they don't shoot me!


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