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Hey all,

After last night's big aftershock, we're now being pummelled by some impressively strong wind.  I'm not sure now whether it's the ground, me or the wind shaking the house.  Thanks, weather.  Just in time for my hanami party too.

So, I actually just wanted to post this link to the Deathgaze review and interview at Rokkyuu Magazine.  Photos by me.  What a good gig that was.  I was a bit gutted that Deathgaze cancelled their Tokyo gigs after the quake, though it was entirely understandable.  I guess I shall be somewhere around the world when they next play Tokyo.

Speaking of which, there are now two weeks to go until the Peaceboat sets sail from Yokohama.  I am nowhere near packed (I have to be ready to send stuff off next weekend) and there are all these things I keep needing to do which jump out at me.   I attended two Peaceboat events this week.  The first was a pre-voyage fundraiser where I got to meet alot of the young volunteer staff, who are all ridiculously energetic and funny.  I then had a staff nomikai (drinking party) last night, where I was able to spend a bit more time with my bosses and co-workers.  They all seem like a great bunch of people, and there are a couple of people I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be good buddies with.

I've had flu and tetanus shots this week, and am thinking about thyphoid and hepatitis B - though they are prohibitively expensive.  I guess I shall just have to be extra careful.  I'm also a bit unsure about the malaria situation.  Basically, the costs and side-effects of taking malaria medication for over 80 days outweigh the risks of actually getting malaria, so we decided not to do it. The doctor just told me to go straight to a clinic if I get at all feverish.  A friend of mine told me he has had malaria four times (his father is/was a Nigerian ambassador) in his life, and he's doing OK...

In other news, I celebrated my freedom by making a return to my old goth self.  It certainly makes me feel about 10 times sexier than I did before, and is a  damned good excuse to wear more lipstick:

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I am 60% Metal Head.
Metal Head!
I rock just as hard as the rest of the thrash set, except when no ones looking I like to get down with a little "More than a Feeling."

I am 77% Goth.
Goth as Rozz!
24-7 I am a freak. Every day is halloween. The creatures of the night fear me.
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Would you believe it!!! Natasha offered me an interview with Goteki for the next issue of Meltdown but I can't bloody do it!!!! The deadline is 1st December and between moving and working there's only one free day to get down and do it the 29th November - no good!! Pants, I really want to do the interview them too...

Pants pants and more granny pants.
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So I spoke to the people from the house this morning and they wanted me to come over to have another chat but my parents were ever so obliging and said no they wouldn't give me a lift six miles down the road. So, that was that. The house people couldn't coem to get me either so we had a conversation on the phone instead. One of the first things they asked was: " So, about this Goth thing?" This rather shocked me as I thought I'd toned down quite well. Obviously not. However, a similar thing happened when I went to a Drama Soc ball and I said I'd try not to look too Goth but ended up head to toe in black, dark red lippy and great big heels. I try at least. Anyway, I told them I wasn't about to start burning patchouli and that I do shower often.

Mum still not talking to me. Made me a cup of tea this morning but I didn't drink it as I thought it might be poisoned.

NOT GOING TO WHITBY!!! DAMMIT! Everyone who is going has to have a wicked time on my behalf. I WILL go in April though, come hell or high water. I'm going to book my tickets and do it!!! I'll have a nice new waist cincher by then too!!!
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not sure what happened there...

I was going to put this on last night but in my drunken stupor it didn't work. So here it is...

Yesterday I didn't do an awful lot of packing. Instead I went to town with my friend Lou and had lunch,then bought CDs and make-up. We always start off clothes shopping but end up getting the fear in shops like Mango and have to leave and buy a CD to calm ourselves. I came home and started packing. Three boxes of books (big boxes too), one box of CDs, then I gave up and had a couple of tea before falling asleep.

Today I repotted some plants - because that's what do do when you should be packing - and began typing up this Star Industry interview. At first check, and not completely written, it got to 8oo words. So I paniced a little but told myself to finish before I did another word cound. 1157 words, then 1300, then finally 1822 words! I have gone off on one a little bit about how goth music tends to sound all the same. It's not a criticism of Star Industry so much as in it is a criticism of all Goth music and the Sisters of Mercy. The only people I credit with any originality are VNV Nation, and even then they are a product of something else. The fact is though, that VNV Nation get people's attention, get them dancing. I can't say that a lot of goth bands do anything for me, which is predomiantly why I still like my metal and everything else I listen to. I was listening to Voltaire while I was typing the article up which was probably not good as I was looking to find anyone who sounded faintly like anyone else, and for Voltaire I came up with Morrissey. I'm not that this is a fair comment!

Tonight I'm going out to Ziggy's with Tori and Lou (oh, haven of all things teenaged and baggy trousered). I haven't been there for nearly a year, so I will no doubt be reminded why I don't go tonight. You can always tell a bad club by the fact that you have to be rat-arsed to enjoy it! So we're having cocktails before we go! I have an optician's appointment tomorrow morning though - should be wonderfully blurred and amusing!!

Right, I'm off to do a bit of packing!
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AM Rollout of bed. Dressing and make-up 1 hour = 50 calories.
Breakfast – One hot black coffee, no suger
Walk to work in ridiculous heels = 200 calories. Repeated falling good for exercising backs of legs and upper arms.

Some hint of hunger felt. Photocopying and post = 100 calories, good upper arm toning.
For lunch: diet coke spiked with vodka from hip flask, one cigarette.
Unlimited black coffee throughout day.

PM Walk home = 200 calories (see AM)
Once at home remove make-up and heat crimpers. Re-application of make-up, hair styling and multiple clothes changin2g = 150 calories.
Red wine = grapes = one fruit portion.
Evening in pub spent bitching, posing. Scowling very good facial work-out = 50 cals.
On way home stop for chips at greasy kebab van. Home. Bed.
700 Calories TOTAL



12pm Arise and immediately regurgitate contents of stomach.
Once sure that vomiting has subsided black coffee and two-days worth of Prozac t o get metabolism started. = 50 calories.
Dress, make-up = 50 cals

2pm Bus to town to buy hair-dye.
Walk from bus stop to shop and back = 20 calories.
Stop at Starbucks for Expresso.

4pm Dye hair, remove make-up – 50 calories.

5pm Dry hair, crimp, multiple dress changes, make-up = 150 calories
Peach schnapps = one fruit portion.

7pm Walk to pub in ridiculous heels (see FRIDAY AM) = 100 calories.
Bitching, posing and scowling = 50 calories.
10pm Clubbing. Dancing and posing very good aerobic exercise = 300 calories.

1am Drunken face-sucking with “cute” goth boy = 100 calories.

2am Walk home with goth boy =100 calories.
Sex with goth boy equivilent to 1 mile run = 300 calories.

5am Sleep.
1280 calories TOTAL



2pm Arise and regurgitate contents of stomach.
Realisation that “thing” in bed is surely not “cute” goth boy. Fear = 50 calories.

2.30pm Frantic phonecalls to answerphones to ask advice about “thing” in bed = 50 calories.

4pm “Thing” arises, regurgitates contents of stomach, leaves. Fear = 50 calories.

5pm Telephone conversations about “thing” = 100 calories. Good tongue exercise.

Throughout day unlimited black coffee, no sugar.

11pm Washing and mending of clothes, polishing PVC and leather = 100 calories.
Realisation that you really are that pale (worrying but kinda cool).

350 calories TOTAL


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