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My week off was great.  I'll tell you more about it when I manage to get the photos sorted out.  I'm guessing somewhere will allow me to get CD copies of my Holga pictures...

Gideon left on Saturday morning and since then I've been moping about.  Saturday was particularly miserable as I had to go back to my empty apartment and remove traces of him from the place.  I've washed everything and hoovered, but I keep finding his long curly hair about.  Sunday was better, but sitting on trains allows me too much opportunity to sit about festering about things.  So it's been a little rollercoaster of having enough to do to forget about things, and then lengthy periods of making myself angry and upset.  We had a really nice week together, and only got grumpy once (we both had hangovers).  In fact, it was rather like old times, which probably had made the transition back to normality even worse.  At least he was always far far away in England and I could get on without him, but now he's been here to visit, it has rather spoiled things, in that it has dragged up a lot of old feelings, which I thought had been nicely buried.  I recall writing a poem a year or two ago about  him and using the old gardening, digging/burial metaphors to express what I was really trying to say.  I think I even sent it off to a competition, but it didn't get anything but a nice rejection letter.

I've had a few things to keep me busy though.  Yesterday I went to a teaching workshop in the west of Tokyo, which took my mind off things for about 6 or 7 hours.  One thing I really miss is having contact with other teachers who have different experiences to me. It's a great opportunity to share ideas and make contacts.  I was quite pleased to see people scribbling down my ideas for a class exercise on numbers and prepositions while I was talking to the group and going red in the face (as someone pointed out later whilst complementing me on what lovely eyes I have).

Today I took my Powerbook to the Apple shop in Shibuya to get it looked at.  Last week it started playing movies covered in green pixels.  It seems it's only the DVD program causing the bother, as VLC works fine.  The guy in the store told me it was the first time he'd ever come across this problem, and diagnosed it as a problem with the video chip in the computer not being powerful enough or something (this was all in Japanese so I'm not 100% on this).  He suggested I get the logic board replaced, and when I balked at the number he quoted me for the repair he wrote it down just to confirm what I'd heard: 51000yen.  I figure seeing as this is one quarter of the way towards a new computer, I'll just stick with VLC and pray nothing else goes wrong until I've accrued 200 000yen for a MacBook Pro.

I did finally get round to getting another external hardrive (the emergency money fund took a significant hit for this) and after spending an hour installing and partitioning it, it seems to be working fine.  Now all I have to do in consolidate my iTunes into it and I can free up nearly 30GB of space on my internal hard drive.

This afternoon I met Kate for lunch and coffee in Yokohama.  I had a bad hankering for tempura, so I had tempura and soba for lunch and Kate amused me for the afternoon. I think I'm very lucky to have made some really good friends in Japan.  Alas, they're too far away - Rachel's in Gifu, Brooke's in Ina, and Kate is (actually not that far away) in Hon Atsugi.  Still, they're all brilliant and do a good job of keeping in touch with me despite the distance.  Rachel was around on Friday and Saturday (having returned from her 6 week holiday) and did an excellent job of keeping my and Gideon's spirits up until the bus whisked him away to the airport.  Then she stuck around in Shinagawa with me until I felt better, and then she went home.  But she's been emailing and calling me to check I'm not moping too much.  They're all great. I'd love to get them all in a room together.  It would be excellent.

After sorting out the HD I had to do the whole bento lunch-making thing.  I cooked up a batch of dahl (which is probably one of the best foods in the world) and some pumpkin samosas, and a huge pan of dashi for soup etc.  I've decided to start up the food blog I mentioned, and I think they'll be one of the first things I'll post on there.  More info on that when I post something.

Right, well there's more Supernatural to watch now, so I'm going to lust over hot angry men...

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Well, I'm dead excited today as it's the first day of my holiday.

Gideon's plane landed at Narita about an hour ago, which should probably mean he's being interrogated at customs and having his beard searched for stowaways as I write this. 

I should probably tidy up, which I did yesterday, but which only ever lasts for a matter of hours.

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Ahhh, back home. Of course, I would genuinely mean it if I wasn't here. But, misery aside I had a wonderful weekend in York catching up with friends and missing out on more people who texted me today and said "oi! Did I really see you in York yesterday?" Gideon's house is very nice, if a little unsanitary, and York was its reassuringly rainy self. Spent Saturday wandering around town and getting tired and then spent sunday lunchtime looking for a place to eat and then finally ending up in a bar underneath the Travelodge drinking tea.

I'm very distressed, the houses advertised in the paper this week don't seem to be quite up to my criteria. I'm always dubious of adverts which say "Room to rent. Please." You really want to avoid that one then... I'll keep looking, though having been back up north I quite miss it. Maybe Leeds..?
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A busy week at work. My feet hurt. Lots of people off sick which is no good when you have front of store to organise. Have met some nice people during the week, which I shall hopefully get to know/gossip with better.

Young Gideon Letch is coming to visit on Friday! Hurrah!! He says he has bought me a present too! I like presents... He also reckons there's some sort of metal distribution company based in Stoke Poges called "Black Tear" so he wants to go and see them! Interesting to see if someone rock and roll (apart from ME, darling) actually lives here.

Mum and Dad came back from Italy and brought a bottle of Chianti with them...yummy.

This time in two weeks I will be in Boston, and then this time in a month I will be in Vancouver!! He he he, I'm VERY excited. For all of you whose e-mails I have you will be on the update e-mail which I hope to do about once a week from my gothkitten account. Alas, due to exense of holiday it looks like Whitby is out, which is a shame coz I'm getting withdrawl symptoms from the old goth scene - no good when I really should have my finger on the pulse.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some writing done, even if it is only 100 words it's better than nothing. Andrew Motion was on the TV last night, I couldn't help but think back to my interview and the "you don't have much life experience" comment. I show you all... I'll get some dammit!!!


May. 29th, 2002 07:43 pm
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So, went to opticians found some new glasses with polarising lenses - oooohhhh! Had an eye exam. Is it just me or do you want to kiss the optician when he looks in your eyes with his light? They all seem to be quite good looking and they smell nice. No, it's just me isn't it? Anyway, I didn't kiss him, but I did steam up the magic machine they test your eyes with - I thought I sudden cataracts as the letters became fainter!

Gideon and I have been together for three years today. I was going to get him another copy of this photo we had taken at the Grad Ball last year (I wrecked the other one in a fit of rage!)but because it's a professional photo no one will do it. Cretins. Gid says he has got me a pressie but that it isn't in stock at the moment. Out of all the quizzing I've done I can only ascertain that it cost more than £20!

So Ziggy's was OK - but I was quite merry. Lou and I had a very successful evening in the requests department - Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine AND White Zombie, though he wouldn't play Tool. I think the success may have had to do with our cleavages but let's not dwell...

Sat in Victor J's today having posh breakfast and re-read my Star Industry article - what the hell am I talking about?! I'm rambling! Have 24 hours to sort it out.

Oh, and what's this rubbish about no one being able to visit my website - I can find it well enough. Incase you get lost again the address is:

" With any luck you'll be hit by a truck
And I will remain to dance on your grave!" Ha Ha! Voltaire rocks!
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Took the afternoon off work and got followed around the house all afternoon by Gideon who kept tickling, licking and kissing me. Which is fine, except he wouldn't buy me chocolate!!! Have had people coming to look round the house as it's now on the market. I just sat in my room and smiled while they made funny comments about my boots!

Have started writing Star Industry piece but am having a break as I tend to rabbit on unrelated subjects if not careful. Going to Lou's tonight to watch a video - am meeting in Blockbuster to decide. I shall miss the close proximity of EVERYTHING in York when I leave - not being able to walk/cycle everywhere is going to be a pain. I shall not miss much else, apart from my friends of course:)

I can hear people talking...hope it's next door and not burglers!!


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