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Nov. 17th, 2002 09:06 pm
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There, got your attention yet?

So in the series of false starts that seems to be my life lately I am now not going to move out next weekend. I haven't told the landlord this yet. My mum and dad both came and had long talks with me this morning about my wanting to move. Both said that moving out doesn't make sense when house prices are so high here, and that I shouldn't be throwing my money away by giving it to other people. I agree with this, but what about my sanity? To be truthful to myself if I did move out my quality of life would be crap as I would basically be living in a room and not doing much else due to the lack of funds. I know, I know, I've been going on about this for weeks, but they are right. In my current state I need all the cushiness I can get.

I think I've got seasonal affective disorder or something as I can't sleep, I feel crappy all the time and I keep craving potatos - maybe I just need to hibernate, or get some prescription drugs down my neck.

Oh, and it turns out that I WILL be doing the Goteki interview which has cheered me up. I need to swot. Any questions, anyone?
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My brother just knocked on my door and asked me what I was listening to.

"You wouldn't like it," I said. " It's Goth."

" They're quite trancey," he said, doing some sort of trendy wiggle with his hands.

" Yeah..." I said. Please go away, I thought. He hung there with a "so..?" look on his face.

" VNV Nation," I grumbled, and closed the door. Great, another excuse for him to come in my room and steal things. Now he's playing his shitty music loudly, with the door open. Bastard.

Grumble grumble.

I haven't been looking at houses this week as nothing really turned up in the area I'm looking in. Vici's mum suggested last night on the phone that I get a mortgage and buy myself my own place. It's a possibility, but hell, I'm not even earning enough to be paying off my student loan so how will I afford to pay off a mortgage? The bookshop chain has a branch in Northallerton. Maybe I could move shop and live up there, and maybe Hilary could come too and then I'd be living with someone I know!! All very pie in the sky. Anyway, they'd only let me move if I was important enough, and I'm not there yet. Give it another couple of years maybe.

Watched 8mm last night and tonight. I had to break it into two segments as my computer kept crashing after about two hours or disc spinning. Weakling thing. Joaquin Phoenix is always nice to look at, and with blue spiky hair and leather trousers, really, who's NOT going to watch? I had a dream about him while I was on holiday. I think it was because we were talking about Phoenix, Arizona. Also, I think it collided with the altitude sickness, because I never dream about famous people.

Ho, hum. Finsihed reading a book called "Sabriel". It's really cool - all necromancy and magic n' stuff. I bought it and the sequel while I was in the states so I can read the sequel straight away!! Joy joy!!!

Goodnight all.
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So I spoke to the people from the house this morning and they wanted me to come over to have another chat but my parents were ever so obliging and said no they wouldn't give me a lift six miles down the road. So, that was that. The house people couldn't coem to get me either so we had a conversation on the phone instead. One of the first things they asked was: " So, about this Goth thing?" This rather shocked me as I thought I'd toned down quite well. Obviously not. However, a similar thing happened when I went to a Drama Soc ball and I said I'd try not to look too Goth but ended up head to toe in black, dark red lippy and great big heels. I try at least. Anyway, I told them I wasn't about to start burning patchouli and that I do shower often.

Mum still not talking to me. Made me a cup of tea this morning but I didn't drink it as I thought it might be poisoned.

NOT GOING TO WHITBY!!! DAMMIT! Everyone who is going has to have a wicked time on my behalf. I WILL go in April though, come hell or high water. I'm going to book my tickets and do it!!! I'll have a nice new waist cincher by then too!!!

House Sale

Oct. 28th, 2002 09:02 pm
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Well I went to see the house. The people in there seemed nice enough - a little older than me but that's not unsurprising really. The house is quite nice too. The bedroom was a little small however, though having a double bed in it doesn't really help matters, but then it is a double bed. It made me realise what £230/month is going to get me here and also made me realise that I have too many possessions. So, (and I have been thinking about doing this for a while) I'm going to sell off some of my stuff. I'd quite like to sell enough to be able to make a small contribution to a laptap as part exchange for my clunky great computer, though really that's not going to happen.

Anyway, when I get it all sorted I will stick a list up, probably on my website, of all the stuff I will be shifting - CDs, books, videos, maybe some clothes, maybe my stereo (I need a smaller one anyway). The more easy I can make things when moving about in the future the better really.

Still not talking to my mother, but she's not been in this evening so a small respite at least. Brother stormed out at dinner because my dad was watching him eat. Like I said, dropped on the head...

Work good and busy though, which is what I like.
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Well, it's definately time to move out. I was looking for other places to live anyway but last nights cataclismic row with my mother has spurred things on rather significantly. I phoned up one advert in the local paper today and am going to see the house tomorrow night.

I've really had enough of living here now. My mother is some sort of meopausal psycho and my brother (obviously dropped on the head as a child) keeps listening to Christmas music... loudly. I think I prefer "music to get your head kicked-in to" than Band Aid singing "Do they know it's Christmas". In retropspect I should never have moved back. I knew it wouldn't be easy living at home again but I didn't think I'd be used as an emotional punch-bag and tormented to the idiot box all the time.

La la la, life's all sparkly. At least work is good, apart from the customers who are either idiots, or treat YOU like one.

Grrr grrrrr. Chiildren should be like praying mantis and eat their parents after their purpose has been served.


Jun. 6th, 2002 08:37 pm
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Whimper whimper.

Had an argument with my brother (some people should have been put down at birth), swore a lot and got so angry I was still trembling for half an hour after. He seems to be under the impression that I should be cleaning the house in my unemployment. How this was meant to happen when I spent most of the day in Windsor I don't know. Obviously I have a doppelganger. At least I have never been unemployed for nine months and spent it scrounging from my parents in order to buy fags. That boy can only be described as a four-letter word which begins with a C - I only say it when I'm really angry, and I certainly don't write it down!!

Have been reading "The Owl Service" by Alan Garner nd it's soooo cool. HAd to pull out my copy of the Mabinogion to swot up on Welsh folklore. V. cool!
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So, there was this big note in an old diary saying "never move back home!" Dd I listen? Mind you, what else was I meant to do - stay in York and tear my hair out? At least I can tear my hair out with new scenery here.

My parents are DEAF! Why does the TV have to be up on maximum at all hours of the day? I have suggested hearing aids, head phones, even using the subtitles but to no avail. I'm going to torment them all with metal, claiming that I too am deaf and need it up to 11. And that's the other thing: I have fixed all the electrical appliances since I got here two days ago. And how did I do that we wonder? I read the manual!!

On the up, I wandered into Amazon.co.uk's offices today and gave them my CV - no balls, no get. Feel trip to Camden coming on just to celebrate my unemployment and poverty. I would sign on but I can't stomach the thought of the benefit office in Slough with all the drunks and scags hanging around it. Someone got stabbed there last year I believe.


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