Mar. 13th, 2011

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I am getting so fed up with these aftershocks.  Yesterday, we had one pretty much every hour.  Just when you started to relax, the house would start shaking again.  The other thing now is that sometimes I think we're shaking, when we're not.  I was sitting in my friend's bar last night and we spent our time watching the bottles to see whether it was us or the building.

And now the problems at the nuclear plant, which some people are getting worried about down here in Tokyo.  Some people are even talking about leaving the country for a few weeks.  The idea is quite attractive this morning, but I don't really want to uproot myself 6 weeks before I leave the country anyway.  We'll see how things work out.  I made sure the British Embassy have the correct details for me, and the British Council called me on Saturday to check I was doing alright.

I feel like I'm over-reacting a little.  I got off lightly - only a broken teapot - but it is really stressful not knowing when another quake is coming.  Interestingly, I was talking to a friend last night and their phone alarm went off.  It turns out the Docomo network have an early warning system, which gives you the location of the quake.  Last night it read Niigata, and 10 seconds later the bar shook.  It was actually a relief to know it was coming -  you at least have 10 seconds to process and react.

Anyway, I shall keep posting when I can.  From tomorrow we're going to be having 3 hour power cuts everyday - don't yet know what time yet, but allegedly we'll find out later today.


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